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  1. Welcome to the Hayden Panettierium, by Kathryn Doyle Thank you for visiting the Hayden Panettierium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History. I, […]
  2. lifetime movies
    James Franco, Viola Davis to Do Lifetime MoviesGuess who stars in High School Lover?
  3. How Do We Get Back to Peak Nashville? A Wish ListGet Rayna and Juliette in a room together, ASAP.
  4. staying the course
    Britton, Panettiere Nashville Returns Are LikelyCharles Esten, Sam Palladio, Jonathan Jackson, and Clare Bowen are also among those expected back.
  5. Eva Longoria Lip-syncs Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’Derrière vs. Panettiere.
  6. Panettiere, Aguilera Lip-synced ‘Lady Marmalade’Hey. Hey. Heeeeeeeeeeeey!
  7. the art of crying
    Photos: Every Time Juliette Cries on NashvilleThe woman is a world-class crier.
  8. upfronts 2013
    Hayden Panettiere on Nashville’s Season Two“Even if the show didn’t go on, I would always want to have some sort of a base in Nashville.”
  9. things we like
    Hayden Panettiere Is the Best Part of NashvilleHear us out.
  10. party chat
    Vulture’s All-Star Super Bowl Party DiaryTales from bumping into Hayden Panettiere, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, Kate Walsh, and more on the partying circuit down in New Orleans.
  11. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: A Cute Lemur Attacked Jimmy KimmelPlus: the trick to staying alive on the unpredictable Walking Dead cast, per Lauren Cohan, and more on our daily late-night roundup.
  12. the industry
    Hayden Panettiere and Nikki Reed Do Easton EllisPlus: There’s going to be a movie named ‘Cowboy Ninja Viking.’
  13. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Panettiere, BurtonPlus: NBC picks up CIA pilot from ‘24’ producer.
  14. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Robyn, Kelis, Akiva GoldsmanPlus: ‘Scream 4’ offers parts to Ashley Greene and Hayden Panettiere.
  15. lipstick lesbians
    Yep, Heroes Went ThereFrench the cheerleader, save the world!
  16. quote machine
    Leonard Cohen Has Made a Terrible MistakePlus: Famous people are overrated, claims famous person.
  17. french the cheerleader save the show
    Is Season Four of Heroes Gunning for Lowbrow Despicable?Lipstick-lesbian–ratings stunts are so 2004, you know?
  18. the industry
    Stan Lee Creates Three New Heroes for DisneyPlus: Hayden Panettiere makes a list, Ben Stiller declares himself king, and Universal goes to the moon.
  19. the industry
    It’s Showtime for Edie FalcoPlus industry news about Rufus Sewell, Martin Short, and Hayden Panettiere.
  20. the early-evening news
    ‘Bond’ Producers to Amy Winehouse: Stay Clean if You Want to Contribute a Hacky Soundtrack SongPlus: Mose Schrute has a blog! It’s about baseball.
  21. the industry
    Hayden Panettiere to Play a CheerleaderPlus, Vincent Gallo’s demented new movie!
  22. right-click
    Justin Timberlake and Duran Duran Help Us Forget About the VMAsHayden Panettiere, Dusty Springfield, and more!
  23. apropos of nothing
    Guessing M. Night Shyamalan’s Next Surprise EndingApparently The Happening is about an airborne virus that somehow causes people to commit suicide in gruesome ways. As stupid as that sounds, though, we’re pretty sure the movie — just like all of Night’s other ones — will have a trick ending that’s even stupider.
  24. quote machine
    Hayden Panettiere Smarter Than Nearly All BrunettesTed Danson, Daryll Hall, and Dan Rather!