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  1. fashion du jour
    What Westworld’s Season-Two Costumes Reveal About Its CharactersIf you’re in search of answers, pay close attention to these costumes.
  2. tribeca film festival 2018
    Of Course Someone Used a Westworld Panel to Pitch Their ScreenplayAfter offering some run-of-the-mill compliments about Westworld, a questioner admitted that he and his brothers were “huge fans of Interstellar.”
  3. wishes
    5 Things We Want From Westworld Season Two1. Stop living in the past.
  4. chat room
    Westworld Creators on Fan Theories and Season 2At least one host will get a look at the outside world next season.
  5. Westworld’s Radiohead Song Choice, Explained“Wake from your sleep … Today we escape … We hope that you choke.”
  6. tv review
    Westworld S1 Was a Series of Perception GamesI had hoped there would be more to it.
  7. close reads
    There Are Two WestworldsWhich one are you watching?
  8. the industry
    Why Westworld Is Such an Unlikely Success Story for HBOMany in Hollywood were convinced the show was destined to be a massive misfire.
  9. wild speculation
    What Westworld Would Look Like As a 22-Episode Season of Network TVMaybe we’d get more character building. But also, some of those two-dozen episodes would be really dumb.
  10. close reads
    The Limitations of Westworld’s Surprise TwistA twist like this only works a few times before it becomes almost completely meaningless.
  11. Why Did Westworld Choose That NIN Song?Wouldn’t the more obvious choice for debauchery in a theme-park setting be NIN’s “Closer”?
  12. wishes
    Drakeworld, and 5 Other Theme Parks That Would Be Better Than WestworldWho wants to go to the Wild Wild West?
  13. Why You Should Listen Closely to That Cure Song on WestworldIt’s our first solid clue that the song selection might be meant for the hosts as well as the guests.
  14. close reads
    Westworld’s Man in Black Is a Classic Bad GamerBut how are we supposed to feel about him?
  15. Why Westworld Uses a Player PianoIt’s similar to the stoplight cycling from red to green on Twin Peaks.
  16. ask an expert
    How Realistic Is Westworld? We Asked a FuturistShould we start preparing for the robocalypse?
  17. wild speculation
    The Best Westworld Fan Theories So FarThe first two episodes make it clear who is human and who is android in the universe of Westworld. Or do they?
  18. Why You’ll Hear Modern Songs Playing on WestworldFrom “Paint It Black” to “Black Hole Sun.”
  19. the industry
    Westworld Is Shaping Up to Be an Early Ratings Success for HBOIt is clearly not shaping up to be the instant dud that was Vinyl.
  20. Cinematographer Paul Cameron on Westworld Pilot“We didn’t want to do it with special effects.”
  21. close reads
    Why Westworld’s Violence Doesn’t Feel GratuitousThe amusement park in Westworld is steeped in stereotypical male fantasies. But its female characters may be the key to its game.
  22. backstories
    The Long, Weird History of the Westworld FranchiseFrom the 1975 film to the HBO series.
  23. influences
    4 Things Westworld Will Remind You of (and One Thing It Won’t)HBO’s Westworld is a series that’s layered with familiar influences and previous stories.
  24. the industry
    Will Westworld Be the Big Win HBO Needs?The recent narrative surrounding HBO has not been kind.
  25. tca 2016
    7 Things We Learned at HBO’s Westworld TCA PanelHow did a 43-year-old sci-fi movie starring Yul Brynner get retooled as an HBO series?