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  1. health
    Alex Trebek Says He’s Struggling With Depression After Cancer Diagnosis“I’m not always the most pleasant person to be around.”
  2. sex education
    T.I. Knows Way Too Much About His Daughter’s HymenHe has a gynecologist check it yearly.
  3. health
    Alex Trebek Reflects on Fighting Pancreatic Cancer While Hosting Jeopardy!“I’m not afraid of dying,” he said. “I’ve lived a good life, a full life, and I’m nearing the end of that life.”
  4. health
    Alex Trebek Plans to Undergo Another Round of Chemotherapy After Cancer Relapse“I lost about 12 pounds in a week.”
  5. clearing the air
    Stevie Wonder Is Taking a Break From Performing to Undergo a Kidney TransplantThe operation is scheduled for September.
  6. road to recovery
    Alex Trebek Says His Cancer Is in ‘Near Remission’“It’s kind of mind-boggling.”
  7. health
    Busy Philipps Is ‘Genuinely, Really Scared’ for Women Who Want Abortions in 2019She revealed that she got an abortion at 15, and is voicing opposition over Georgia’s new law.
  8. this! is! a jeopardy icon!
    Alex Trebek Gives Optimistic Cancer Update, Despite Feeling ‘Weak All the Time’“The chemo takes it out of you.”
  9. health
    Paris Jackson Is Denying Reports She Was Hospitalized for Suicide Attempt“Fuck you you fucking liars.”
  10. health
    I’ll Take ‘Your Health Update Video Is Making Me Weep’ for $800, Alex Trebek“I’m a lucky guy.”
  11. How to Become an Equinox InstructorI wanted to find out how hard it is to teach a fitness class. So I decided to try and become a boxing instructor. It wasn’t pretty.
  12. Late-Night Hosts Weigh In on Trump’s ‘Excellent’ Health“Despite all evidence, Donald Trump does have a heart.”
  13. The Struggle to Maintain a Comedy-Work-Fitness Life BalanceEarlier this month, comedy scene vet Chris Gethard’s one-man special Career Suicide premiered on HBO. In it, Gethard addresses his struggles […]
  14. ‘The Dumbbells’ Find a Balance Between Being Funny and FitPerhaps it’s comedy’s self-deprecating backdrop that causes it to rarely intersect with health and fitness. Most people tend to side with the […]
  15. Get to Know Your New Smartwatch!, by Dan Dillabough Health. Connectivity. Fitness. Peace of mind. And so much more. Your new smartwatch is here —and before long, you won’t remember how you ever […]
  16. men's health
    Ben Stiller Reveals Prostate-Cancer Diagnosis: ‘It Came Out of the Blue for Me’A doctor was able to identify it two years ago.
  17. health
    Lil Wayne Says He’s Epileptic, Has Seizures All the Time“I’ve had a bunch of seizures, ya’ll just never hear about them.”
  18. health
    Nas Hospitalized for VertigoUnexpected.
  19. health
    Bobby Womack Developing Alzheimer’sHe’s 68.
  20. health
    Roger Ebert Facing Continuing Health Problems“Not in best of shape,” he writes.
  21. The Uneasy Relationship Between Mental Illness and ComedyI had to take a Xanax to write this article. My anxiety makes it hard to start; my depression and self-doubt make it hard to come to any […]
  22. health
    Ian McKellen Has Had Prostate Cancer for Six or Seven YearsHe says he’s fine and that “it’s no big deal.” 
  23. health
    26-Year-Old Jack Osbourne Has Multiple SclerosisHe found out right after the birth of his daughter.
  24. Gallagher’s Watermelon-Smashing Days Are Behind HimEven before suffering another heart attack yesterday (his second in 11 days and third in a year), Gallagher said last week that he’s retiring […]
  25. Gallagher Is Recovering After a Heart Attack This WednesdayThe comedian Gallagher suffered a heart attack on Wednesday night, but he’s currently in an induced coma and is expected to recover, according […]
  26. health
    Madonna Is a Mexican-Gym Owner NowHard Candy Fitness is opening in November.
  27. health
    At Least Six More Porn Studios Shut Down ProductionNews of an HIV-infected male performer has paralyzed the industry.
  28. health
    Porn Star Tests Positive for HIVThe top two adult studios in the San Fernando Valley responded to the news by immediately shutting down production.
  29. music
    Download a New Track From HEALTH, ‘USA Boys’A non-remixed track off their upcoming remix album.
  30. music
    See HEALTH’s Grisly, Graphic New Music Video, ‘We Are Water’Directed by Eric Wareheim.
  31. health
    Maura Tierney to Return to TVShe’s currently filming four episodes of FX’s ‘Rescue Me’.
  32. health
    Kiefer Sutherland to Have Surgery, Fox Suspends Production of 24Don’t worry. He’s going to be fine.
  33. health
    Scientists: Netflix Unlikely to Kill YouSurely it’s only a matter of time before one of those germ-filled Netflix envelopes in your mailbox gives you swine flu or the Ebola virus, right? Maybe not!
  34. health
    Maura Tierney Departs ParenthoodOwing to her ongoing treatment for breast cancer, Maura Tierney has been forced to leave NBC’s upcoming dramedy ‘Parenthood.’
  35. health
    Maura Tierney Discusses the Health Issue That’s Postponing the Premiere of ParenthoodShe tells ‘Us’ magazine, “I have discovered a tumor in my breast which requires surgery.”