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  1. heartbreak
    I’m Tired of Being Dermot Mulroney’s Onscreen Love InterestTwice I’ve been in serious relationships with men played by Dermot Mulroney. It wasn’t a problem. Until it was.
  2. heartbreak
    Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Are Done(Gasp.)
  3. heartbreak
    RPatz Pictured Shooting a Guy, But Not Who You’re ThinkingIt was his dad.
  4. heartbreak
    Robert Pattinson Continues His Sad Food Tour on Good Morning AmericaThis one didn’t go as well.
  5. heartbreak
    Robert Pattinson Should Probably Hire Jon Stewart As His PublicistAw, RPatz.
  6. heartbreak
    Turns Out John Mayer Did Not Enjoy the Song Taylor Swift Wrote About Him“It made me feel terrible.”
  7. heartbreak
    Jennifer Lopez Burst Into Tears Onstage“If You Had My Love” will do that.
  8. heartbreak
    The-Dream Is Much Better at Writing Songs Than He Is at Writing Open Letters About Why His Marriage Failed“I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for misleading everyone into thinking everything was fine and okay when we knew problems existed for awhile!”
  9. heartbreak
    Noel Gallagher Regrets Giving Back All That MoneyHe promised a refund to everyone in attendance at a recent gig. Oops!
  10. heartbreak
    Mickey Rourke’s WrestleMania Dreams Ram-Jammed by Oscar-Minded Publicist“Mickey was very honored to be asked as he has the greatest respect for WWE however he will not be participating in Wrestle-Mania. He is focusing entirely on his acting career.”