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  1. movie review
    Val Doesn’t Know Who Val Kilmer Is, and That’s a Good ThingA moving new documentary about the elusive life and career of an endlessly fascinating actor.
  2. podcasts
    One Heat Minute Turned the Movie Heat Into a Religious ExperienceThe podcast dissected every single minute of Michael Mann’s classic film.
  3. hot books
    Michael Mann’s Imprint to Develop Heat PrequelMichael Mann Books will develop a prequel to the 1995 Al Pacino–Robert De Niro thriller.
  4. Applauding the Sadness and Subtle Coherence of Michael Mann’s HeatWith Heat, a major American auteur was clearly swinging for the fences. Attention had to be paid.
  5. Brian De Palma to Direct Jason StathamIn a remake of a Burt Reynolds movie.
  6. pop trash
    Cooking the BooksCan Bill Buford stand the heat, or should his book get out of the kitchen?