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  1. heavy metal
    Randy Blythe on the Highs and Lows (and Riffs) of Lamb of GodFrom hearing “Redneck” in the strip club to the band’s most “Cookie Monster metal” song and more.
  2. r.i.p.
    Black Sabbath Keyboardist Geoff Nicholls Dead at 68He died after a battle with lung cancer.
  3. sequential art
    Grant Morrison Unveils Jesus-Conan Mash-up ComicAnd he told us why he’s not afraid of the Trump Era.
  4. music
    How to Make It in Heavy Metal, an Amusing Guide From the PastManager, thy name is Satan.
  5. old-man babies
    David Fincher’s Heavy Metal Remake Rescued by James CameronCameron reportedly said he’ll direct a segment of the proposed ten-part 3-D movie.
  6. the industry
    Jon Favreau Will Direct ‘Iron Man 2,’ Thanks to AmericaPlus: Who will play opposite Jeremy Piven in the Broadway revival of ‘Speed-the-Plow’?
  7. tube junkie
    How to Understand Tonight’s Epic ‘South Park’: Watch ‘Heavy Metal’Tonight, a shadow shall fall over the universe. Evil will grow in its path. And death will come from the skies … to Comedy Central at 10 p.m.
  8. the industry
    Willow and Jaden Smith to Stretch, Play Adorable Siblings OnscreenPlus: Reality-Show Contestants to Meet Paris, Get STDs