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Hedwig And The Angry Inch

  1. riverdale
    Large Adult Teens of Riverdale to Find Excuse to Sing Hedwig and the Angry InchBut we won’t rest until a 35-year-old high-school senior KJ Apa plays the Rum Tum Tugger.
  2. swaps
    Lena Hall Will Play Hedwig and Yitzak on TourOnce a week in San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  3. tours
    Darren Criss to Return for Hedwig National TourHe’ll open the tour in San Francisco, his hometown.
  4. broadway
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch Closes on Broadway in September[Tear.]
  5. who will play hedwig
    Taye Diggs Is Your Sixth HedwigPull the wig down from the shelf.
  6. party chats
    Darren Criss Might Kiss You During Hedwig If You’re Not Paying Attention“I’m possessed by the Hedwig demon.”
  7. Glee’s Darren Criss Is the New Hedwig!“I am the new Berlin Wall, baby.”
  8. returning favorites
    John Cameron Mitchell Returning to HedwigSugar Daddy, bring it home.
  9. Here’s Your First Look at Michael C. Hall As HedwigHe takes over for Andrew Rannells on October 16.
  10. chat room
    Neil Patrick Harris on Hedwig and Gone Girl“I only have one sentence! And it’s not even a creepy sentence! I’m just saying a regular sentence!”
  11. casting couch
    Michael C. Hall Is Your Next HedwigBring it, Dexter.
  12. the origin of love
    Andrew Rannells Is Your New HedwigHe’ll take over for NPH at the end of August.
  13. how dey do dat?
    Hedwig Creators Break Down How They Changed the Script for BroadwayJohn Cameron Mitchell, Stephen Trask, and Michael Mayer discuss how the cultish musical evolved into a Broadway darling.
  14. men in tights
    Watch Neil Patrick Harris Do Hedwig at the TonysThat guy can’t help but steal the spotlight, can he?
  15. late night
    Neil Patrick Harris Liked the HIMYM Ending“You want Barney to be the guy you can bring your mom home to — but Barney’s the guy who wants to bang your mom.”
  16. fake musicals
    Hedwig Has a Fake Playbill Full of Easter Eggs“There have been a lot of Hurt Lockers: The Musical lately.”
  17. Neil Patrick Harris on Prepping for Hedwig“It takes a good couple hours to get ready, a girl’s gotta look pretty, you know?”
  18. stage dive
    Theater Review: Hedwig and the Angry Inch“Stipulated: It’s still terrifically smart.”
  19. party chat
    NPH on Hedwig: ‘I’ve Got to Stick My Tits Out’Rehearsals are in full swing.
  20. hedwig and the angry inch
    See Neil Patrick Harris As Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry InchIn the musical’s first official poster.
  21. hedwig and the angry inch
    Neil Patrick Harris Will Star in Broadway HedwigAs Hedwig, naturally.
  22. franchises
    John Cameron Mitchell Working on Hedwig Sequel!!!
  23. broadway
    Which Still-Occupied Broadway Theater Should Hedwig Squat In?’Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ is coming to Broadway this fall.
  24. party chat
    James Franco Talks General HospitalAnd he confirms that the love affair with his ‘30 Rock’ pillow still continues.
  25. news reel
    Hedwig Is Busy, Reluctantly Celibate
  26. the industry
    Nicole Kidman, Actual Millionaire, Will ‘Marry a Millionaire’