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  1. reality tv
    Heidi Montag’s Idea of Hills Diversity Is ‘Darker Hair’Alrighty then.
  2. tv couple scuffle
    Spencer and Heidi’s Guide to Love on Reality TV“Our relationship post–reality TV has been so much easier.”
  3. the hills
    Heidi and Spencer Have Thoughts on The Hills“Blogs have advertised the show as a ‘reunion,’ but it’s really an LC special.”
  4. reality rumble
    Round 1: Project Runway S2 vs. The Hills S1The Santino season of Tim Gunn’s fashion contest takes on the debut of The Hills, when Lauren first moved in with Heidi.
  5. reality tv
    VH1 Green-lights a Restaurant Reality Show Starring Heidi Montag, Ashley Dupré, and Jake Pavelka… Yum?
  6. quote machine
    This Is Mike Tyson’s Biggest RegretPlus: Taylor Momsen burns dog’s balls.
  7. quote machine
    Jon Hamm’s Handsomeness All an ActPlus: Jonathan Franzen thinks he looks shifty.
  8. music
    Oh Good: Heidi Montag Has a New Single, ‘Bad Boy’Carry on, nothing to see here.
  9. quote machine
    Please Let Paul Rudd Be an American Idol JudgePlus: If only Justin Bieber were of legal age.
  10. quote machine
    Zac Efron Not Yet Qualified to Wear TightsPlus: Ke$ha still saying things.
  11. the hills
    Goodbye The Hills: Looking Back and ForwardWhere did the characters start? And where will they end up? A think piece.
  12. quote machine
    Diddy’s Tracks Worth More Than AssPlus: Weird Al almost finished with next masterpiece.
  13. movies
    Sir Ben Kingsley Auditions for Transformers 3He was inspired by Heidi Montag.
  14. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Maya Rudolph’s Life on the Road With Alanis MorissettePlus, Jay Leno agrees with Heidi Montag about her life decisions, on our regular late-night roundup.
  15. movies
    See Heidi Montag’s Transformers 3 Audition TapeOof.
  16. he said she said
    Megan Fox Attempts to Save FaceMeanwhile, Heidi Montag throws her name in the ring.
  17. the hills
    Why The Hills Opening Credits Are CruelIt has to do with those video clips of the stars’ younger days.
  18. the hills
    Our Hopes for the Last Season of The HillsOur hopes for the season, along with the sad reality of what it will be.
  19. lawsuits
    Heidi Montag Sues Adam DiVello for Sexual HarrassmentHe apparently grabbed her butt. Yuck.
  20. quote machine
    Heidi Montag Is Going to Be a Very Successful ScreenwriterPlus: Pierce Brosnan wasn’t a very good James Bond, says Pierce Brosnan.
  21. quote machine
    Anna Paquin Outs Self As Bisexual, User of Mild ProfanityPlus: “Who’s Justin Bieber?”
  22. the hills
    Watch The Hills Final Season TrailerHeidi’s face! Oh, dear.
  23. quote machine
    Justin Bieber Sparks Debate Among MusicologistsPlus: Jack White on his favorite rapper.
  24. vulture on set
    Sandler and Aniston Shoot Just Go With ItBonus: a terrifying cameo.
  25. quote machine
    Liam Gallagher, Conspiracy TheoristPlus: Robert Pattinson recounts a recent embarrassing incident involving his butt crack.
  26. quote machine
    Finally, Michel Gondry Gives Us His Opinion on Lady GagaPlus: Heidi Montag’s best day ever.
  27. quote machine
    Kristen Stewart Treated Dakota Fanning Like a LadyPlus: Gerard Butler used to get laid way more.
  28. quote machine
    Nothing Funny About Vince Vaughn’s Singing CareerPlus: What does Ellen really think of Simon?
  29. quote machine
    Courtney Love Doesn’t Get Ke$ha, EitherPlus: Kara DioGuardi weighs in with her choice to replace Simon.
  30. quote machine
    Sandra Bullock to Kill Meryl Streep on Live TelevisionAlso: Heidi Montag exactly like the Beatles.
  31. quote machine
    Megan Fox Is Single and LookingPlus: Jack Black discusses the advantages of outerwear in ancient times.
  32. disasters
    I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Turns Into a Nightmare for NBCWere Heidi and Spencer tortured?
  33. disasters
    I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here: Ben Silverman’s Latest FollyYou didn’t think it was possible, but the show is working overtime to devalue Ben Silverman’s already tenuous grip on fame.
  34. quote machine
    Bill Hader’s Mustache Was a Real Diva on the Set of AdventurelandPlus: Imagine what Beth Ditto would be like today if she had been able to watch MTV as a child.
  35. trailer mix
    ‘Beef IV’ Trailer Fails to Satisfy Our Thirst for SnapsWhy does Beef IV look so lame?