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  1. Paul Reiser on Mad About You Revival: ‘My Guess Is It Won’t Happen’“We’ll see if it happens.”
  2. A ‘Mad About You’ Revival Is Reportedly in the WorksMad About You might be the next sitcom to return to television. According to TVLine, Sony has reportedly begun “informal talks” with Paul […]
  3. last night on late night
    Helen Hunt Had No Game When She Tried to Pick Up Rick SpringfieldNot a smooth move.
  4. How ‘Mad About You’ Perfected the Network Multi-Camera Sitcom It’s surprising to me that Mad About You doesn’t receive more attention and acclaim than it does. After all this was one of the biggest […]
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    Helen Hunt Goes Full-On Blue Crush Surfer-Babe in RideHang ten!
  6. Watch the Trailer for Decoding Annie ParkerFeaturing a long-haired Aaron Paul.
  7. history lesson
    The SJP ’80s Dance Movie That Set the TemplateThe montages. The dance-offs. The sleeveless bad-boy partner. It all happened to Sarah Jessica Parker first.
  8. actor directors
    Helen Hunt Will Direct Herself in Ride, Which She Also WroteAlongside Luke Wilson.
  9. oscars 2013
    Best Supporting Actress: If Not Anne Hathaway, Then Who?Could Sally Field be a sleeper?
  10. oscars 2013
    The Eight Ways Oscar Nominees Reacted to Their NominationsFrom the humbled to the jokesters.
  11. reactions
    Helen Hunt on Her Oscar Nomination She hasn’t heard from John Hawkes yet.
  12. party chat
    Dr. Ruth Loved The Sessions, Felt Up John Hawkes “I am 84 years old, so I can permit myself.”
  13. movie review
    Movie Review: The SessionsA sexual coming-of-age movie. For a 38-year-old man in an iron lung.
  14. chat room
    Helen Hunt on Sex, The Sessions, and the Choice She Had to Fight For“I didn’t feel any blurry romantic line with John Hawkes, but I did feel like I wanted to put my clothes on.”
  15. awards
    What Oscar Contenders Have We Already Seen?Are there some potential Best Picture nominees already in theaters?
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    John Hawkes, Helen Hunt in The Sessions TrailerCan these performances go the distance during awards season?
  17. sundance 2012
    John Hawkes Gets a Standing Ovation for Sundance’s The SurrogateIn which he plays a severely disabled man who hires a sex surrogate played by Helen Hunt.
  18. casting couch
    Helen Hunt Will Play a Sexual Surrogate in The SurrogateAnd Rob Schneider is a stapler in The Stapler.
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    Helen Hunt on How Age and Parenthood Have Transformed Her Career“Movie acting is a great job for your twenties.”
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    Soul Surfer Trailer: The Most Feel-Good One-Armed Movie YetDennis Quaid + Helen Hunt + Carrie Underwood - an arm = this Bethany Hamilton biopic.
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    Every Day Trailer: Liev Schreiber Gets Bored of His Basically Satisfying LifeThe curse of the long-term happy marriage continues.
  22. vulture on set
    Carrie Underwood and Dennis Quaid On SetUm, hang ten?
  23. the industry
    Carrie Underwood Is an Actress NowPlus: Rob Riggle is coaching football!
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    Helen Hunt Out for Parenthood; Lauren Graham In?Talks between NBC and Hunt fell apart, presumably over salary issues.
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    Peter Berg Officially SunkPlus: Ed Harris! Tia Carrere!
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    Keanu’s Cooking Up a Movie With David FincherPlus: Eddie Izzard and Brian Dennehy, together at last.
  27. the industry
    For ‘Under Siege 3,’ Steven Seagal Demands to Fight AliensPlus: George Romero phones it in, and a producer gets opportunistic over Steve Fossett’s remains.
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    How Helen Hunt Got Salman Rushdie to Give Her a SonogramSo how did the author of ‘The Satanic Verses’ win the part of Hunt’s obstetrician in her new movie?
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    Zac Efron Grows Up FastPlus industry news on Led Zeppelin, Fernando Meirelles’s latest, and Al Gore.