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  1. mistaken identities
    Helen Mirren Says It’s ‘Flattering’ But, No, She Isn’t Keanu Reeves’s Girlfriend“She’s a lucky girl.”
  2. trailer mix
    Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen Face Off in the Good Liar TrailerThe first time these two have been paired on the big screen!
  3. royalty
    Dayyymn, Helen Mirren! Manservants Carry Legend to Catherine the Great PremiereA play-by-play of a perfect arrival.
  4. trailer mix
    HBO’s Catherine the Great Trailer: Helen Mirren Takes the Throne“I did what I did.”
  5. casting
    Mirren and Theron to Return for Fast & Furious 9; Maybe the Dame Will DriveBuckle up.
  6. cinema wars
    Passionate Fan of Movie Theaters Helen Mirren Says ‘Fuck Netflix’ at CinemaConBut don’t worry, Netflix, she still loves you guys.
  7. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Trailer: When Mother Ginger AttacksAlso, Keira Knightley doing a voice.
  8. casting
    Jason Clarke Will Romance Helen Mirren’s Catherine the Great in HBO Mini-SeriesHe’ll play Catherine’s lover Grigory Potemkin on the HBO/Sky co-production.
  9. party chat
    We Quizzed Helen Mirren on Her Most Famous Lines — and She Only Missed One“My brain’s like a sieve, I probably won’t remember any of them!”
  10. last night on late night
    Helen Mirren Reads Stephen Colbert a Poem to Make Him Cry. Will You?Depends on where you’re at with the whole mortality thing, probably.
  11. Donald Sutherland on His Famous Don’t Look Now Sex Scene“We were in a room by ourselves. I don’t know about Julie [Christie], but I’m never naked in front of somebody! I was shy.”
  12. chat room
    Helen Mirren Is Ready to Record Her Shakespearean Rap AlbumThe star of the movie Winchester talks about ghosts, rap battles, and her fellow Hollywood feminist “ride or dies.”
  13. backstories
    Here’s What You Need to Know About the Spooky, Real-Life Winchester HouseWinchester, out this weekend, is based on the true story of a woman who expanded her massive mansion for 40 years to house hundreds of spirits.
  14. casting
    The Great Helen Mirren Will Play Catherine the Great in an HBO Mini-seriesThe four-part mini-series is an HBO–Sky co-production.
  15. last night on late night
    Liam Neeson Couldn’t Muster a Word When He First Met Ex-Girlfriend Helen Mirren“I was smitten.”
  16. a dame to kill for
    Oh My God, Someone Please Let Helen Mirren Play Donald Trump“I mean, that’s a character isn’t it, the real thing?”
  17. Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland Pack Up Their Winnebago and Hit The RoadSee it in theaters January 18, 2018.
  18. for the furious curious
    The Confused Helen Mirren Fan’s Guide to Watching The Fate of the FuriousFor the Helen Mirren fans who’ve never seen a Fast and Furious movie before, here’s brief guide to what you’re getting into.
  19. royal address
    Helen Mirren Calls 2016 a ‘Big Pile of Sh*t’You knew 2016 was bad, but boy is it cathartic to hear a regal Helen Mirren confirm it.
  20. roll clip!
    Will Smith and Helen Mirren Can’t Pee in PeaceEven the relative privacy of a stall won’t keep fans from listening.
  21. trailer mix
    The Fate of the Furious Trailer: Eighth Time’s the CharmHelen! Goddamn! Mirren!
  22. true love
    James Marsden Meets His One True Love, Helen MirrenJoin the Helen Mirren–loving club, James. The membership includes everyone.
  23. trailer mix
    Watch Will Smith’s New Collateral Beauty TrailerWith Keira Knightley and Helen Mirren as “Love” and “Death.”
  24. casting couch
    Jason Clarke Will Psychoanalyze a Haunted Helen Mirren in WinchesterThe film follows heiress Sarah Winchester, who’s convinced that she’s haunted by the souls killed at the hands of the Winchester repeating rifle.
  25. the industry
    Helen Mirren Might Join Disney’s Live-Action NutcrackerShe’d play Mother Ginger in the Lasse Hallström film.
  26. Helen Mirren Is Back in the Season 2 Teaser for IFC’s ‘Documentary Now!’Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, and Fred Armisen’s IFC show Documentary Now! is back on IFC with a brand new season next month, and today the network […]
  27. feud season 2
    Which ‘Candy Ass’ in the Fast 8 Cast Angered the Rock?Who is the candy ass?
  28. hollywood signs
    Actresses Over 60 Are the New Box-Office PowerhousesMeryl Streep is no longer an outlier defying conventional wisdom about the box-office viability of an actress north of 50; she’s part of a trend.
  29. damn helen mirren
    Helen Mirren Introduces Documentary Now! TeaserPolitics becomes a matter of life and death (but mostly death).
  30. drivers ed
    Helen Mirren Didn’t Get to Drive in Fast 8“I know how to double declutch.”
  31. casting couch
    Yes, Helen Mirren Will Be in Fast 8Fast 8: 2 Helen and Back.
  32. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Looks Back on All His KissingLiving the dream, this man. 
  33. damn helen mirren
    Helen Mirren Can’t Stop Kissing Stephen ColbertToo hot for (prime-time) TV!
  34. oscars 2016
    Helen Mirren Weighs in on Oscars Controversy“It just so happened, this year, it went that way.”
  35. super bowl ads
    See Helen Mirren’s Super Bowl Drunk-Driving PSA“If your brain was donated to science, science would return it.”
  36. party chat
    Damn Right, Helen Mirren Will Swear If She Wants To“I’m not actually the Queen.”
  37. trailer mix
    Watch Trailer for Eye in the Sky Starring Mirren“There is a lot more at stake than you see in this image.”
  38. you go helen mirren
    Mirren Wins Gotham Award, Affirms Hotness Again“Darling, do you think you’ll ever fuck me again?”
  39. you go helen mirren
    Helen Mirren Thinks Ageism Against Women in Hollywood Is ‘F*cking Outrageous’Slay, queen!
  40. ‘Last Week Tonight’ Enlists Helen Mirren to Voice the US Senate Torture […]Not many people have bothered to read the released version of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s interrogation program, so […]
  41. party reports
    After Tony Win, Helen Mirren Is Gunning for EGOT“I’m going to have to do an audiobook of some sort.”
  42. Helen Mirren to Host Meyers, Armisen, and Hader’s IFC Series ‘Documentary […]Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, and Bill Hader’s upcoming IFC series Documentary Now! premieres in August, and according to EW they just added the […]
  43. women in the world
    Helen Mirren on Sexism, Hillary, and Equal Pay“We’re half of the human race, why are we not there on any level?”
  44. last night on late night
    Fallon Made Helen Mirren Say ‘Spotted Dick’Oh, and her voice got the helium treatment, too.
  45. goals
    Vin Diesel, Meet Your Newest Superfan: Helen MirrenShe also loves driving.
  46. theater
    Theater Review: Helen Mirren Holds The AudienceSixty-plus years of Queen Elizabeth II.
  47. mirren watch
    Helen Mirren, the Fairy Godmother of Broadway Parties“Broadway dish night.” 
  48. stand clear of the closing doors
    Dame Helen Mirren Shows You How to Ride the SubwayHer coat game is on point.
  49. trailer mix
    See Helen Mirren in The Woman in Gold TrailerMirren’s got quips.
  50. twerking
    People Keep Pressuring Helen Mirren to Twerk. And She Does.Because Helen Mirren does what Helen Mirren wants.
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