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    George Lucas Gave Ron Howard One Little Directing Tip for SoloWho knows Han better than George Lucas?
  2. helpful suggestions
    Twitter Wants Billy Bush to Donate His Today Pay#ThanksBilly
  3. helpful suggestions
    So You’re Finally Watching Jane the Virgin on NetflixHere’s everything you need to know for your new obsession. 
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    We Need More TV Shows About ScientistsHow about a Galileo historical drama?
  5. helpful suggestions
    9 Songs People Should Figure Skate to at the Next OlympicsEnough Les Miz and Carmen, folks.
  6. helpful suggestions
    Where Else Could Iron Man 3’s Ending Have Been?No more shipyards, please.
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    How The Office Can Get Back to Basics for Its Final SeasonIt is pretzel day?
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    Ice-T Has Some Suggestions for SVUWho is the real Fin Tutuola?
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    Potential Titles for Procedurals in the Spirit of The FinderThe Observer: A police detective with uncanny powers — of observation!