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  1. got cast: where are they now?
    The Witcher Adds Another Large Fantasy Dude, TormundThis show really knows how to give the people what they want.
  2. toss a coin to your witcher
    The Witcher’s Geralt Is a Hero for the Gig EconomyOur favorite freelance witcher spends the entire season underpaid, underappreciated, and underemployed. Who can relate?
  3. extremely online
    The Witcher Meme That Put Henry Cavill in a BathtubA very short history of Tub Geralt.
  4. tv review
    10 Things You Won’t See in The WitcherNetflix doesn’t want us talking about what happens in The Witcher, so here’s some stuff that definitely doesn’t happen in The Witcher.
  5. trailer mix
    Thank God The Witcher Trailer Includes the Essential Henry Cavill Bathtub ShotWell. Hello.
  6. sdcc 2019
    No One Wanted to Be in The Witcher More Than Henry CavillHe accrued not one but four swords in an effort to become Geralt of Rivia in the streaming service’s answer to Game of Thrones.
  7. mysteries
    What Exactly Is Henry Cavill Planning for His Dog? An InvestigationHe calls it the “final project.”
  8. first looks
    Henry Cavill Has Some Intense Legolas Hair in First Look at The WitcherGeralt of Rivia is looking pretty serious.
  9. movies
    Henry Cavill Is Either Very Okay or Very Not Okay About Maybe Not Being SupermanHe’s either celebrating or … we need to call someone.
  10. superheroes
    Henry Cavill Reportedly Done As SupermanThe Hollywood Reporter says there was a falling-out.
  11. casting
    Human Video-Game Avatar Henry Cavill Will Star in Netflix’s Witcher AdaptationHe’ll play monster hunter Geralt of Rivia.
  12. facial hair
    So, Was Henry Cavill’s Mission: Impossible Mustache Worth It?His Mission: Impossible mustache may have screwed up Justice League, but consider the merits.
  13. cultural diplomacy
    Tom Cruise Learns How to Do Finger HeartsThank you, Simon Pegg!
  14. summer preview 2018
    The Most Anticipated Screen Pairings of the Summer Movie SeasonAt last, the theatrical debut of Henry Cavill’s Mission Impossible mustache!
  15. trailer mix
    New Mission: Impossible — Fallout Trailer: Run, Tom Cruise, Run!How many different ways can Tom Cruise fall out of the sky?
  16. mission impossible fallout
    Why Henry Cavill Couldn’t Shave Mission: Impossible Mustache for Justice LeagueSounds hairy.
  17. miss you already
    Deepest Condolences to Henry Cavill, Who Shaved His Mission: Impossible Mustache*Frowns in Justice League.*
  18. instagram life
    Henry Cavill’s Mustache Has Taken Over His Instagram“I have taken it upon myself to address you, my lovers and my haters to announce this exciting event!”
  19. justice league
    What the Hell Is Going On With Henry Cavill’s Mustache in Justice League?Warner Bros. had to remove Henry Cavill’s MI:6 mustache from the Justice League reshoots, and the results are not good.
  20. super stache
    Warner Bros. Is Digitally Removing Henry Cavill’s Mustache From Justice LeagueCavill grew a mustache for Mission: Impossible 6 and is not allowed to shave it.
  21. Why Gal Gadot Was Paid Only $300,000 for Wonder WomanDespite reports, Henry Cavill probably didn’t earn much more for Man of Steel.
  22. casting couch
    Mission: Impossible 6 Gets Another Strong-Jawed Star in Henry CavillBringing more brute force.
  23. pure speculation
    Superman Has a New Black Suit in Justice League Maybe he was just inspired by Batman?
  24. ‘Sad Affleck’ Mourns Batman v Superman ReviewsIn restless dreams, Sad Affleck walked alone.
  25. last night on late night
    Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Do Batman’s VoiceIt’s Henry v. Ben as Batman.
  26. last night on late night
    Henry Cavill’s Superman Ran Into Peeing ProblemsEveryone, in every superhero movie, is constantly panicking about when they can use the bathroom.
  27. last night on late night
    Henry Cavill Jokes About Hating Ben Affleck“Genuine dislike.”
  28. money
    Henry Cavill ‘Not Just Doing This for the Art’Man of $teel.
  29. kids telling you how they really feel
    Cavill Asks Kids If Superman Can Beat BatmanAll in the name of charity.
  30. trailer mix
    The Second Man From U.N.C.L.E. Trailer Is Sexual-Innuendo CentralDouble meanings everywhere!
  31. trailer mix
    The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Trailer: Spy Friends!BFFs, too.
  32. pics
    What Superman Will Look Like in Batman v SupermanWatch out, Batman.
  33. superheroes
    Why the Newest Superhero Movies Can’t Seem to Make Their Actors Into SuperstarsChris Hemsworth, Andrew Garfield, Chris Evans, and Henry Cavill have an awareness problem.
  34. how to make a movie
    How Casting Directors Find (and Make) New StarsTwo top directors explain how it can be a personal crusade to get someone they believe in his or her big break.
  35. sesame street
    Watch Superman Visit Sesame StreetHenry Cavill and Elmo totally bro out.
  36. development hell
    Henry Cavill Doesn’t Think Justice League Is Happening Anytime Soon“It won’t be right away. I hope it’s not, anyway.”
  37. important things
    It’s Time to Discuss Superman’s Hairy ChestWhich is the most important takeaway from Man of Steel, obviously.
  38. What Critics Are Saying About Henry Cavill’s Superman in Man of Steel“So ripped that he’s nearly shredded.”
  39. sequels
    Man of Steel Sequel Is a GoWriter David S. Goyer is also coming back.
  40. casting couch
    Henry Cavill Eyed for Man From U.N.C.L.E. LeadPlay Superman, become Tom Cruise.
  41. ones to watch
    12 Actors Who Have the Most at Stake This SummerIncluding Carey Mulligan, Jaden Smith, and Ryan Reynolds.
  42. burning questions
    5 Questions Raised by the New Man of Steel TrailerDoes Clark Kent even work at the Daily Planet in this movie?
  43. comic-con 2012
    Comic-Con: Zack Snyder Shows Off His Slow-Mo SupermanAt the Man of Steel panel.
  44. casting
    Ben Walker, Henry Cavill to Scale Great WallFor director Ed Zwick.
  45. The Cold Light of Day Trailer: Superman Is Super ConfusedAlso, super shirtless.
  46. movies
    Henry Cavill Eats 5,000 Calories a DayActor bulking up for ‘The Man of Steel.’
  47. clickables
    See Henry Cavill’s First Superman PhotoWe’ll take it.
  48. movies
    Why Aren’t Americans Cast As Superheroes Anymore? Not Manly EnoughSuperman, Batman, Spider-Man, and Thor have all been outsourced, and one casting director says it’s because “American men aren’t men on the screen.”
  49. men of steel
    Henry Cavill to Play Superman in Zack Snyder’s RebootCavill previously acted in ‘The Tudors.’
  50. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Vaughn, J.J. AbramsPlus: LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip to tour together.
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