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Henry Rollins

  1. forced apologies
    Henry Rollins Apologizes for Column Criticizing Robin Williams’s Suicide“That I hurt anyone by what I said, and I did hurt many, disgusts me.”
  2. clickables
    Watch Henry Rollins Punch People in the New Dinosaur Jr. VideoBy “people” we mean “James Urbaniak.”
  3. in memoriam
    Kurt Loder, David Cross, and More Remember Adam Yauch“He was one of those Dune obsessives, and so am I. Here’s a movie that even its director hates, but we don’t care.”
  4. clickables
    Watch Henry Rollins Politely Berate a Boot-Throwing HecklerRollins: a perfect gentleman.
  5. annotated guides
    Henry Rollins vs. Hipsters: The Annotated GuideExplicating an improvised text on aging, class, and Henry Rollins’s hang-ups.
  6. clickables
    Watch Henry Rollins Berate Hipsters at a Record StoreRollins now would totally chew out Rollins 25 years ago.
  7. chat room
    Henry Rollins on The Frequent Flyer TourThe spoken-word renaissance man chats about his new tour, his recent travels, and judging ‘Drag Race.’
  8. the flaming lips
    The Flaming Lips to Tour With Dark SideWayne Coyne’s crew are bringing their Pink Floyd homage to you.
  9. quote machine
    Joss Whedon Has No Plans to Fall for His Leading Lady, Eliza DushkuPlus: Henry Rollins has some out-of-the-box thoughts on how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  10. quote machine
    Werner Herzog Would Watch You Reading the Phone Book“If you’re purely after facts, please buy yourself the phone directory of Manhattan. It has four million times correct facts.” –Werner Herzog on how he reacts to accusations that he’s taken factual liberties in some of his documentaries