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  1. oscar race 2011
    How to Decode the 2011 ‘For Your Consideration’ AdsWhich represent realistic, serious campaigns, and which are windmill-tilting for a beloved star?
  2. ranters and ravers
    Vulture Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2010?The definitive survey of terribleness in film, with ballots and commentary from 50 of America’s most prominent critics.
  3. oscars
    Scott Pilgrim Shortlisted for Visual Effects OscarThe Academy has announced the seven titles it will consider for the Visual Effects category.
  4. your box office explained
    Paranormal Activity 2 Scores Three WaysIt got a big boost when a chain banned its trailer back in June.
  5. matt damon
    Matt Damon Is a Father AgainStella Zavala Damon was born this week.
  6. the star market
    Star Market: Bourne Free, and With a String of Well-Reviewed Flops Behind Him, What Are Matt Damon’s Prospects?“An actor definitely needs a franchise in the modern era, so he can have a career that gives him some choice”
  7. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Clint Eastwood Forgot About Jimmy Kimmel’s Feud with Matt DamonPlus, Lauren Conrad informs Chelsea Handler about one of the sexual meanings behind those Silly Bandz.
  8. math
    Vulture’s Math-Based Guide to Clint Eastwood MoviesHow can you tell if a Clint movie will be a masterpiece or a disaster? We’ve come up with a handy formula!
  9. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Will Hereafter Have an Awards-Season Afterlife?Who’s up? Who’s down?
  10. script doctor
    If the Hereafter Script Seems Unpolished, That’s Because It IsAlso, it was almost an M. Night Shyamalan movie, which makes sense.
  11. trailer mix
    Hereafter Trailer; or, Matt Damon Sees Dead PeopleHe’s not psyched about it.
  12. new york film festival
    Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter to Close the 2010 New York Film FestivalThe full lineup was announced this morning.
  13. vulture on set
    See Clint Eastwood Directing HereafterMatt Damon is there, too!
  14. the industry
    James Cameron to Go On a Fantastic VoyagePlus: J.J. Abrams! Bryce Dallas Howard! Danny McBride!
  15. the industry
    Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon Practically BFFsPlus: Penn and Teller! Historical drama!
  16. the industry
    Clint Eastwood to See Dead PeoplePlus: Ben Silverman gives Hilary Duff a show!