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  1. John Oliver Interviews President Herman Cain The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook “I respect […]
  2. Colbert and Cain, Together Again Stephen Colbert’s clearly been lost without his collaborator in crime Herman Cain. Look at him! He’s absolutely distraught. Which is why it’s […]
  3. Cain/Colbert Received a Paltry 1% of the South Carolina Primary VoteSo much for the two-headed Colbert-Cain super-candidate hydra. Despite a crowd at their joint rally that qualified as the biggest crowd yet of […]
  4. Stephen Colbert Drank a Steaming Hot Cup of Morning Joe Today Stephen Colbert visited Morning Joe today, or as he rechristened it, “Evening Joe brought to you by Jack Daniels.” Up for discussion was last […]
  5. Watch the Stephen Colbert/Herman Cain Rally Live Right NowThe “Rock Me Like a Herman Cain: South Cain-olina Primary Rally” kicks off right about now down in Charleston, SC, and Reuters has a live feed […]
  6. Colbert Announces ‘Rock Me Like a Herman Cain’ Rally in South CarolinaThe Super PAC Formerly Known as Colbert’s has announced that Stephen Colbert and Herman Cain will hold a rally in South Carolina on Friday “in […]
  7. Herman Cain Has Joined Forces and Possibly Identities With Stephen ColbertHerman Cain will tape a segment with Stephen Colbert in South Carolina on Friday, having enjoyed Colbert’s Super PAC’s recent endorsement. Even […]
  8. Welcome Back, Incredibly Creepy Herman Cain Smile The Seriously, We 100% Absolutely Aren’t Coordinating With Stephen, We Promise Super PAC has a new ad, and it brings back all kinds of […]
  9. year in review
    Watch Jib Jab’s Annual Two-Dimensional Year in ReviewLet Jib Jab remind you: This year was bonkers! Remember Herman Cain, you guys? That dude was something.
  10. herman cain
    Watch Tim Meadows Play Herman Cain in a Sexual-Harassment PSAOnce upon a time, Herman Cain made a video warning against sexual harassment among employees at Godfather’s Pizza (not really).
  11. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Betty White Will Name Her LoversPlus: Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t give Shaq a piggyback ride the way his tiny girlfriend could, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  12. Showing Students Daily Show Clips Got a Teacher Suspended This might look like just a regular old Daily Show segment. But did you know that it’s also “inappropriate material with language and dealing […]
  13. Tim Heidecker Releases Herman Cain-Inspired AlbumTim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’s Tim Heidecker has released an album of songs inspired by Herman Cain. After all the irreverent fun of […]
  14. herman cain
    Watch Mike Tyson Play Herman CainPigeon-loving, ultraviolent boxer turns on the funny when he tries to read cue cards in “Herman Cain voice.”
  15. clickables
    Watch Tim Heidecker’s Campaign Ad for Herman CainRide the Cain train, guys.