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  1. heroes
    The T.I. Guide to Saving Lives“I’ve been through so many emergencies, unfortunately.”
  2. crying
    Michael Jackson and Zac Efron Once Cried to Each Other on the Phone“Dreams really do come true, don’t they?”
  3. coming out
    Heroes Actor Thomas Dekker Comes Out as Gay After Being Outed by Bryan FullerBryan Fuller discussed how Dekker’s character was “het-washed” in an Outfest speech.
  4. heroes
    Ballet Dancer Rescues Man Shoved Onto Subway TracksAll those lifts, leading up to this moment.
  5. heroes
    Meryl Streep Sang Hamilton“Women are suddenly in the room where it happens.”
  6. The 100’s Clarke Is Sci-fi’s Best Teen HeroineShe’s a caring friend and a ruthless killer.
  7. spoilers
    Watch Actors From Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Dexter, The Walking Dead, and The Wire Give You a Lesson in ‘Spoiler Etiquette’Whatever you say, Sanders! Whatever you say.
  8. The Awkward, Hostile, and Absolutely Hilarious Late Night Appearances of […]Imagine you’re Roman Polanski. (Stay with me, this isn’t going where you think.) It’s 1968, and you’re working on Rosemary’s Baby, a thriller […]
  9. law & order magic edition
    ABC’s Newest Cop Drama Set in the Magical World of … New York?To be produced by ‘Heroes’ alum Michael Green.
  10. the most important people in the world
    Brad Pitt Is Also a Hero!The ‘World War Z’ star saved an extra from a trampling.
  11. the most important people in the world
    Kate Winslet Saves Old Lady From Burning BuildingAnd it wasn’t just any old lady!
  12. tv
    Heroes’ Jack Coleman to Appear on The Vampire DiariesFrom one type of superpowered show to another.
  13. heroes
    Clearasil Stands Up to the Parents Television Council, Sticks With SkinsYou are heroes, people at Clearasil.
  14. tv
    Heroes Creator Scores With TouchNew show is supernatural, too.
  15. heroes
    Jason Segel Will Save the Romantic Comedy“It is a romantic comedy. Our goal is ‘Annie Hall’ or ‘When Harry Met Sally.’”
  16. heroes
    James Blunt Is the Reason You’re Not Speaking Russian Right Now“I’m not going to have my soldiers be responsible for starting World War III.”
  17. heroes
    Cash Money Records Will Save the Publishing Industry“Our books will also be sold at our concerts. When you’re out in front of 18,000 people, some will buy books, some not.”
  18. heroes
    NBC Vetoes Heroes MovieSeries was canceled in May.
  19. heroes
    Lou Reed Scotches Boyle PerformanceHe wouldn’t let her sing “Perfect Day” on ‘America’s Got Talent’ because he “isn’t a Boyle fan.”
  20. timelines
    Pop-Culture Cheerleading: A Brief HistoryFrom the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to ‘Buffy’ to ‘Glee.’
  21. heroes
    Hero Manager Sued for Trying to Reunite Guns N’ RosesAxl Rose is suing his former manager, Irving Azoff, for allegedly trying to make the singer come to his senses.
  22. upfronts 2010
    Greg Grunberg Gets a Post-Heroes Job on NBC’s Love BitesGrunberg, who was a guest star in the pilot for new NBC comedy anthology ‘Love Bites,’ will now become a series regular.
  23. told you!
    Heroes Officially DeadWe told you this might happen.
  24. the industry
    Vulture Learns NBC Is Likely to Cancel HeroesBelieve it or not, the low-rated superhero series had been favored to return.
  25. american idol
    Intervention From Ryan Seacrest Keeps Tantrum-Throwing Bowersox on IdolBowersox: “What’s the point?”
  26. heroes
    Lil Wayne Saving Lives in Prison“He watches the crazy prisoners and makes sure they don’t kill themselves.
  27. heroes
    Dennis Hopper Heroically Attends Walk of Fame CeremonyCongratulations, Dennis.
  28. heroes
    Johnny Depp to Promote New Kids’ Movie, Free the West Memphis Three“I firmly believe Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley are totally innocent,” says the star of Disney’s new ‘Alice in Wonderland.’
  29. heroes
    F. Murray Abraham Thwarts Robbery at Play RehearsalPolice are looking for a man with a hole in his face the size of Abraham’s fist.
  30. spoilers
    Heroes Spoiler SpoiledWhich character is dead?
  31. the industry
    Jessica Biel to Have Lots of SexPlus: Idris Elba! Oliver Platt! And more ‘Chuck’!
  32. heroes
    Harry Connick Jr. Is Ready, Willing, and Able to Accept Your PraiseHe admits, “I’m pleased with the way I handled the situation.”
  33. blind items
    Which Male Heroes Character [Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler]?Spoiler, spoiler!
  34. lipstick lesbians
    Yep, Heroes Went ThereFrench the cheerleader, save the world!
  35. heroes
    Jackman Associate Gives Funny Speech“Just the dumbest, dumbest, ugliest, least-televiseable people you could give an award to.”
  36. the industry
    Tori Amos Announces Christmas Album, and Other Thrilling Trade News From the Slow Day After the EmmysPlus: New music from the Linkin Park guy’s side project!
  37. kanye
    Kanye Was RightDoes his mission to acknowledge the greatness of contemporary musicians not amount to a worthy cause?
  38. the industry
    Warner Bros. Is Playing With LegosPlus: Ed Helms, international spy.
  39. lost
    Lost to Bring Back Pilot?Greg Grunberg, the guy who played Captain Seth Norris, says he’s been invited back.
  40. departures
    Heroes Loses One of Its Creative ForcesCo–executive-producer Bryan Fuller “abruptly left” the program.
  41. heroes
    Kelly Kapowski Thwarts Fallon’s Saved by the Bell ReunionEven Screech said yes.
  42. french the cheerleader save the show
    Is Season Four of Heroes Gunning for Lowbrow Despicable?Lipstick-lesbian–ratings stunts are so 2004, you know?
  43. heroes
    Will Ferrell Cures CancerWill Ferrell is finally launching his own line of sunscreen.
  44. heroes
    J.J. Abrams’s Bold Plan to Save PrintLast year, Abrams bought a ‘Times’ story, and now he’s bought one from ‘Wired.’
  45. curious decisions
    Now That Heroes Has Been Renewed, Let’s End It!Save the cheerleader, save the nursing home!
  46. curious decisions
    NBC Renews Heroes for Some ReasonWe think this says more about NBC than it does about ‘Heroes.’
  47. beef
    Paula Abdul: HeroPaula hates the new ‘Idol’ judge, too.
  48. heroes
    Will Ferrell Saves Broadway AgainWill Ferrell’s ‘You’re Welcome America’ has broken the house record at the Cort Theater for the second week in a row.
  49. heroes
    Hugh Jackman Saves the Oscars!Can there be any doubt that tonight’s clear highlight was Hugh Jackman’s opening number? We say no!
  50. overnights
    Heroes: The Final RecapIt might seem strange to remember now, but there really was a time when ‘Heroes’ seemed exciting, new, even revelatory.
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