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Hey Arnold

  1. trailer mix
    Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie Trailer: Your Favorite Football Head Is Back!It’s like Tropic Thunder, but for kids.
  2. Nick Gives a First Look at Hey Arnold! Movie ArtWelcome back to the Sunset Arms.
  3. hey arnold
    The Hey Arnold! TV Movie Gets a TitleDon’t worry, it’s legit: 19 members of the original voice cast are returning.
  4. 90s nostalgia
    Legends of the Hidden Temple Revived As TV MovieThe script will be written in hieroglyphics but can be unlocked by a giant key found in Styrofoam blocks.
  5. nostalgia
    This Roast of the Hey Arnold! Credits Is SavageFootball head, explained.
  6. Nickelodeon Is Making a Hey Arnold TV Movie; Millennial Parents, RejoiceTo pick up where the series left off.
  7. tv
    Hulu Will Soon Indulge All Your ’90s Cartoon NostalgiaThe streaming service has signed a new deal with Viacom that will bring Nickelodeon cartoons to the site.
  8. clickables
    See a Trailer for a Live-Action Hey Arnold Horror MovieYes, Stoop Kid is present and accounted for.