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  1. nocturnal animals
    Golden Globes Voters Asked to Return Gift of Tom Ford FragranceIt worked!
  2. golden globes
    The Golden Globes Update Rules for Streaming Releases, Series LengthSimultaneous VOD and theatrical releases will now be eligible.
  3. celebrity voiceovers
    Scarlett Johansson Can’t Win a Golden Globe for HerThe HFPA said voiceovers don’t count.
  4. awards
    The HFPA Loved Ricky Gervais’s Globes PerformanceHere we go again.
  5. max b. miller
    HFPA Member Max B. Miller Commits SuicideOne day after the Golden Globes.
  6. blu-raygate
    Did Tobey Maguire Buy His Golden Globe Nomination for Brothers?Someone e-mailed Nikki Finke and suggested that to be the case.