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    ‘Hidden Palms,’ We Hardly Knew YaIn the last ever episode of Hidden Palms, we finally learn who killed Eddie — a heretofore unsolved mystery that had very few viewers on the edge of their seats. The CW managed to pack about eight episodes’ worth of material into the hasty wrap-up of the doomed teen soap. Here’s how it all shook out.
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    ‘Hidden Palms’: Eddie’s Mom Has Got It Going OnLots of stuff happened during the two fun-filled hours of last night’s Hidden Palms, though in the end, things aren’t any clearer than when this “whole night event!” started. Can’t wait for next week’s series finale, when we’ll finally learn who really killed Eddie. And we care. No, really, we do.
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    ‘Hidden Palms’: The Mystery Deepens, Gets GrosserWe open this week with a particularly disturbing sequence having nothing to do with murder-mystery, but worth noting nonetheless. Johnny’s mom is making mango-nut waffles, which, first of all, mango nut? Huh?
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    ‘Hidden Palms’: Murder, Intrigue, and a MILF for Good Measure
  5. overnights
    ‘Hidden Palms’: Like Raymond Chandler in the O.C.
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    TV’s Summer Lineup: Why You May Stick to Playing Outdoors