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Hill Street Blues

  1. obits
    Prolific TV Writer and Producer Steven Bochco Dead at 74Bochco was the mind behind NYPD Blue, Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, and Doogie Howser, M.D., among many other shows.
  2. still the 80s
    Why the Golden Age of TV Was Really Born in the 1980sThese shows were literally ahead of their time.
  3. seitz asks
    Seitz Asks: What Are Your TV ‘Wow’ Moments?The ones that knock you out, or make you stand up and applaud.
  4. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz Asks: What Special Feature Do You Wish DVDs Had?TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz would like to see a feature that allowed you to play a string of episodes as if they were one long megaepisode.
  5. seitz asks
    Seitz Asks: When Did You Realize TV Could Be Art?The first of a weekly series meant to spark discussion about TV’s past and present.