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  1. Inside ‘Moonlighting’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’s Tributes to Shakespeare ‘Structurally Sound’ is a recurring feature where each week a different structurally unusual, rule-breaking anomaly of an episode from a […]
  2. When ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Got Ambitious with Form‘Genie in a Bottle’ is a recurring feature where each week a different bottle episode (an episode set entirely in one location, often designed […]
  3. vulture tv awards
    Vulture TV Awards: Most Disappointing ShowPlus a few dishonorable mentions.
  4. alternate endings
    There’s an Alternate Ending to How I Met Your MotherIt’ll be available on DVD soon.
  5. The ‘HIMYM’ DVD Will Feature an Alternate ‘Happy Ending’How I Met Your Mother’s series finale on Monday made a lot of viewers act like babies and whine about it a bunch on the internet, and now, the […]
  6. review roundup
    Review Roundup: There Were Some HIMYM DefendersThough many asked if it was possible for a disastrous conclusion to negate everything that came before it?
  7. true love
    HIMYM’s Lily and Marshall, TV’s Best CoupleOur tribute to the Tami and Coach of the sitcom world.
  8. About a Girl: Breaking Down the Ending of ‘How I Met Your Mother’It’s always been Robin. “This is a story about how you’re in love with Aunt Robin and thinking about asking her out and wondering if we’re […]
  9. vulture compendiums
    Every Time Barney Says ‘Wait for It’ on How I Met Your MotherIt’s legendary.
  10. video
    Watch HIMYM Cast on Inside the Actors Studio“What’s your favorite swear word?”
  11. A Wishlist for the End of ‘How I Met Your Mother’How I Met Your Mother doesn’t know to let things go. But that’s what we love most about the show. The long-running CBS sitcom is quickly […]
  12. CBS Is Making That HIMYM Spinoff, ‘How I Met Your Dad’A few weeks after the idea was first revealed, CBS has decided to spinoff their hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother. A pilot has been ordered for […]
  13. ‘HIMYM’ Will Do an Entire Episode in RhymeHow I Met Your Mother is wrapping things up in its ninth season, and the writers are apparently experimenting with some odd methods in this […]
  14. CBS Is Considering Spinning Off ‘How I Met Your Mother’ with ‘How I Met […]As CBS’s hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother is kicking off its ninth and final season, Variety reports that the network is considering launching […]
  15. department of ah-mah-zing
    Casey Wilson: How I Met Your Mother Finale GuestAlso, Key of Key and Peele.
  16. himym
    How I Met Your Mother’s Final Season Taking a New Storytelling ApproachThis doesn’t discourage our hope that the mother gets revealed early.
  17. guest stars
    A Familiar Face Is Headed Back to How I Met Your MotherCaptain, my captain!
  18. finales
    The Next Season of How I Met Your Mother Will Officially Be Its LastThe Mother’s day is almost here.
  19. cameos
    How I Met Your Mother Has a Fantastically Starry Episode Coming SoonAlex Trebek, James Van Der Beek, Geddy Lee, a bunch more.
  20. that just happened
    What’s Next for HIMYM After Tonight’s Big Hour?Plus: A new Robin Sparkles episode is in the works!
  21. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘The Over-Correction’“The Over-Correction” didn’t fulfill its promise almost immediately. After its initial ten seconds of four of our heroes on the phone with one […]
  22. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘Lobster Crawl’Ah yes, the art of seduction. Since the beginning of time, countless magazines have attempted to tell you in different ways to have […]
  23. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘The Stamp Tramp’The men of How I Met Your Mother are all nice, law abiding people, but they are definitely all flawed: Ted knows a lot of things about a lot of […]
  24. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘Splitsville’“Spoiler Alert” was a season three episode of How I Met Your Mother in which Ted Mosby’s Girl of the Week was revealed to Ted by Marshall to […]
  25. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘The Autumn of Break-Ups’In “The Autumn of Break-Ups,” we said goodbye to Victoria and to whatever dignity Barney Stinson and the show had left. Sorry about being […]
  26. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘Who Wants to Be a Godparent?’Aren’t we still in the promised Autumn of Break-Ups on How I Met Your Mother? The month of broken hearts, despair, endless tears, poor dietary […]
  27. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘Nannies’The last time walking STD Barney Stinson had to deal with the end of a long term relationship, the man went HAM in “The Playbook”, a season […]
  28. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘The Pre-Nup’I was talking to a friend yesterday about spoilers. I had explained that my attempt to marathon season one of Homeland before the second season […]
  29. emmys 2012
    Showrunner Survey: How I Met Your Mother’s Carter BaysSomebody’s been watching Bunheads!
  30. Did You Get It? The Year of Inside Jokes and Season-Long ArcsIn the beginning, sitcoms would almost always feature self-contained 22-minute stories, with there never being a consequence to what anyone did […]
  31. Who Has a Better Secret Past, Don Draper or Robin Scherbatsky?Duels or “classy show-downs” as they are often called by no one, have been solving hot debates for ages. They’re useful for delivering crowds a […]
  32. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘The Magician’s Code’Your enjoyment of How I Met Your Mother during its final days (next season will either be the penultimate or the final one depending on […]
  33. season finales
    Watch a Sneak Preview of the How I Met Your Mother Season FinaleAnd Robin’s elbow-deep horse-birthing story.
  34. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘Good Crazy’At the beginning of the series, Barney Stinson was a character that existed to be the womanizing antonym to the nice chum main character Ted […]
  35. How I Met Your Mother Recap: ‘Now We’re Even’Real honest to goodness human beings can’t go out every single night and do things like eat every item on the menu and bring a horse into a bar […]
  36. How I Met Your Mother Recap: ‘Trilogy Time’They say that if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. And strangely, throughout the possibly best and funniest episode of the […]
  37. celebrity cameos
    Did You Catch the Very Famous Extra on Tonight’s How I Met Your Mother?Hint: He’s a very tall redhead.
  38. himym
    HIMYM’s Co-creator Reveals Upcoming PlotsMeet Robin Sparkles’s old partner, Glitter!
  39. himym
    It’s Gonna Be at Least Another Year Until We Meet the Mother’HIMYM’ has been renewed for a sixth season.
  40. himym
    Cobie Smulders Isn’t So Sure About This Season of HIMYM, Either“It’s a little bit like, Um, guys, am I really going to sleep my way through the entire cast or what.’”