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  1. books
    Put on Your Dancing Shoes! Justin Timberlake Wrote a BookHindsight promises “a peek into Timberlake’s creative process” and, hopefully, a beat you can really move to.
  2. hindsight
    Kristen Stewart Recalls Trump Tweets About Her “I literally cannot even understand it.”
  3. cancellations
    Season Two of VH1’s Hindsight Isn’t Happening After AllSo much for loving the ’90s.
  4. renewals
    VH1 Renews HindsightOh, thank God.
  5. hindsight
    How Not to Get Away With Murder, According to HTGAWMAccording to HTGAWM.
  6. tv review
    TV Review: VH1’s HindsightWhat a delightful little show.
  7. hindsight
    Mandy Patinkin Has Some Regrets“I’m not proud of how I was then, and it pained me.”
  8. hindsight
    Francis Ford Coppola Wanted Martin Scorsese to Direct Godfather IIWe’re pretty glad this never came to fruition.