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  1. cultural appropriation
    Miley Cyrus Is Going Back to Her Hip-hop RootsOh, good.
  2. surprise releases
    Chance the Rapper Releases Two New SongsKind of like Pokemon Sun/Moon, you can choose your Chance mood.
  3. the week in rap
    This Week in Rap: Earl Sweatshirt Breaks Boundaries, Dipset Returns, and MoreFeaturing Earl Sweatshirt, J.I.D, Boosie, Black Thought, Dipset, Benny the Butcher, and Key Glock.
  4. the industry
    Fulfill Your Dream of Cardi B Insulting You to Your Face on Netflix Hip-Hop ShowRhythm + Flow, the platform’s first competition show, is set to debut in 2019.
  5. jerrod carmichael
    Jerrod Carmichael Is Adapting Dapper Dan’s Upcoming Memoir for the Big ScreenDaniel “Dapper Dan” Day’s Harlem boutique counted many of hip-hops biggest stars from the ‘80s and ‘90s as clients.
  6. playlists
    How a Hit Rap Song Happens NowThe most influential playlist in music is Spotify’s RapCaviar, which turns mixtape rappers into megastars. And it’s all curated by one man.
  7. Lil Uzi Vert and Kurt Cobain Have Some Things in CommonThe Philadelphia rapper is climbing the charts with a melancholy hit about death.
  8. point of clarification
    Miley Cyrus Attempts to Clarify Her Controversial Comments About Hip-Hop“I am expanding personally/musically and gravitating more towards uplifting, conscious rap.”
  9. On ‘Loyalty’ Rihanna Plays It Casual With Kendrick LamarRihanna’s appearance on Kendrick Lamar’s “Loyalty” has more of a story than you might think.
  10. respect the classics
    Roger Daltrey Thinks Rock Has ‘Reached a Dead End’ and Rap Is the FutureRock is dead they say. Long live rock.
  11. radio vulture
    Let’s Not Go Back to the Good Old Days of Real Rap BeefDrake’s vicious shot at Kid Cudi’s mental health may be a tactical error. 
  12. new music
    Listen to Common’s New Song, ‘Home’The track, featuring Bilal, dropped tonight.
  13. radio vulture
    Shawty Lo Knew: Remembering an Atlanta LegendThe rapper died today in a car accident.
  14. How Luke Cage Plans to Please Binge Watchers and Hip-Hop Fans Alike“We wanted to do a show that was unapologetically hip-hop and apologetically black.”
  15. radio vulture
    What André 3000 Taught Frank OceanThe art of opting out. 
  16. 6 Pretentious Ways to Boost Your Get Down Viewing ExperienceSix ways of seeing The Get Down differently while waiting for the show to take off (as it eventually does).
  17. irreconcilable differences
    Donald Trump and Rap Came Up Together, and Now They’re Coming ApartHow rappers came “Up Like Trump” and now pray for his downfall.
  18. lose yourself
    President Obama Lost Himself in the Music, the Moment Before DNC SpeechHe was listening to “Lose Yourself,” obviously.
  19. passive aggression
    Drake’s Current Nemesis, Joe Budden, Is More of a Match for Him Than He LooksIs Drake finally losing his temper?
  20. racism
    Queen Latifah: ‘Racism Is Alive and Kicking’“We need to change this attitude.”
  21. tributes
    Michelle Obama Praises Missy and Queen Latifah“I’m so grateful to you for your passion and your contributions to our world.”
  22. new music
    Listen to a New Jurassic 5 Song, the Next Best Thing to a New Jurassic 5 AlbumIt’s called “Customer Service.”
  23. unreleased
    Hear Victoria Beckham’s Unreleased Hip-Hop AlbumWhy yes, ODB does do a guest verse.
  24. How Charlamagne Became Tha God of Hip-Hop RadioWhat do Hillary Clinton, Martin Shkreli, and Kanye West have in common? They’ve all been interrogated by Charlamagne, hip-hop’s puckish Howard Stern.
  25. comics
    Killer Mike Wrote Marvel’s Hip-Hop Covers Intro“The age of Internet lists has shows us how difficult it is to please everyone, but Marvel manages to represent Hip-Hop in every one of its various incarnations since its glorious inception.”
  26. aziz ansari
    Visit Emceez AnsariYikes! Lil Aziz!
  27. dance
    Lil Buck and Benjamin MillepiedBuck and Ben do Bach!
  28. stop-motion
    Watch Delicious-Looking Food Perform Iconic Rap SongsYo! Pancakes rap!
  29. hip hop squares
    Go Behind the Scenes of MTV2’s Hip Hop SquaresValid question: Is that Fat Joe, or did Bruce Vilanch shave his head?
  30. radio vulture
    Lil B at NYU: What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding?Internet-beloved rapper drops wisdom on uncomprehending college crowd.
  31. radio vulture
    Carnegie, Rockefeller, Carter? Jay-Z’s American DreamCultural horse-trading at star-studded Carnegie Hall concerts.
  32. hip-hop
    Watch Ice-T Talk About His Documentary, Something From Nothing: The Art of RapIf you’re going to trust anyone to walk you through the history of hip-hop, it’s this guy.
  33. mike d.
    See Beastie Boy Mike D Squash a Beef About the Term ‘Illin’’ on ColbertMike D plays Top Grammarian.
  34. sad things
    Rapper Slim Dunkin Killed After Fight Over Candy, Witnesses SayAlthough it’s unconfirmed.
  35. game
    Watch the Terrifying Video for Game’s ‘Martians vs. Goblins,’ Featuring Lil Wayne and Tyler, the CreatorGame goes mental, continues the “monster” trope in hip-hop, wears meanest sweatshirt in history.
  36. young jeezy
    Watch a Documentary About Young JeezySamuel L. Jackson narrates a new documentary about the rapper, with a little help from his equally famous friends (hi, Rihanna!).
  37. rap
    Visit the Rap Board, a Soundboard Filled With Famous EmceesFinally, you can control the words that come out of Diddy’s mouth. Well, okay, three words and a bird call.
  38. hip-hop
    XXL Magazine on Hip-Hop and HomophobiaIs the genre becoming more gay friendly?
  39. radio vulture
    Shabazz Palaces: Steely, Brilliant Hip-Hop MysticismRemember Digable Planets? Old head Ishmael Butler has made one of the best records of the year with his new group.
  40. radio vulture
    Kreayshawn Is the Latest Controversial White RapperTwenty-one-year-old female Oakland rapper goes viral, quickly attracts beef.
  41. radio vulture
    Hip-Hop Roundup: DJ Quik Soundtracks the Barbecue, Cam’ron Studies Macroeconomics, and Curren$y Smokes OutThree new hip-hop albums reviewed.
  42. celebrity activism
    Ashley Judd Apologizes for Calling Rap and Hip-Hop ‘The Contemporary Soundtrack of Misogyny’“I fully capitulate to your rightness,” she tells her critics.
  43. radio vulture
    Why Everybody Loves Odd FutureThe level of energy surrounding the L.A. hip-hop collective at SXSW last week was incredibly high.
  44. radio vulture
    SXSW Diary: Hip-Hop Confronts Middle AgeOur critic sees Yelawolf, Mac Miller, the Joy Formidable, and Raphael Saadiq in Austin.
  45. beef
    Lil’ Kim’s Upcoming Mixtape Takes Another Shot at Nicki Minaj’Black Friday’ is out on Valentine’s Day.
  46. save the date
    50 Cent’s New Album Coming Out This Summer’Black Magic’ is “80 percent” completed.
  47. radio vulture
    Could Diddy’s Arty Electronic Epic Be More Interesting Than Kanye’s Art-Rocky One?’Last Train to Paris’ has more in common with ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ than you might think.
  48. radio vulture
    Filthy, Rich: Kanye West’s Royal FantasyOn his new album, the rapper mixes opulence with dirt.
  49. brand management
    Soulja Boy, the next king of Silicon Valley?It’s to give his fans “something to do.”
  50. music
    Download Rap Highlights From Every Year Since 1979An amazingly thorough hip-hop retrospective, dripping with MP3s.
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