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Hipster Runoff

  1. what is real?
    Maybe Poppy’s Self-Aware Pop Music Is Too Self-AwareWhat’s real and what’s another trendy toy in Poppy’s postmodern playpen?
  2. Watching Hipster Runoff Eat its Own Tail[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/hipsterrunoff/status/159459792769912835”]Viral success on the internet is a strange phenomenon. […]
  3. right-click
    Quote Us on It: Hipster Runoff Band Actually Quite GoodIt is called, deep sigh, “Jesus Christ.” (the indie band).
  4. memes
    Jarvis Cocker Totally Understands the Meme EconomyIf bands these days are only as good as their ability to create bloggable memes, Jarvis Cocker’s doing a pretty great job.
  5. mysteries
    Tao Lin Is Maybe Probably Not the Hipster Runoff GuyInstead, he’s maybe a guy from Texas named Carlos.
  6. baseless speculation
    Is This Man the Hipster Runoff Guy?Is Carles really Brooklyn writer Tao Lin?