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  1. put a bird on it
    Hipsters Are OverWith Portlandia wrapping up its final season, hipsters will finally, completely step out of the spotlight.
  2. book review
    Review: Francesco Pacifico’s Sharp New Novel Takes on Post-Hipster WilliamsburgThe Italian author’s new book does a lot of things you don’t see American novels do much of these days.
  3. in defense
    In Defense of Zach Braff’s Garden StateHow our hatred of hipsters and emotional men made us hate a movie we once enjoyed.
  4. sh*t hipsters say
    The Redemption of the Hipster Punch LineHow Portlandia helped saved a joke ruined by years of cliché. 
  5. with or without uke
    In Defense of the Ukulele The ukulele wants nothing other than to sound nice.
  6. party chat
    Ryan Gosling Says the Worst Thing You Can Call Someone Is ‘Dumb Hipster’Of all the insults.
  7. Watch Hipster Disney Princesses Sing About Being Hipster Disney PrincessesHipster things now: sushi, Twitter, books.
  8. in development
    Hipster Sitcom Destined for RidiculeNBC bought a comedy about an anthropologist who studies Brooklyn hipsters.
  9. the hunger games
    Watch a Trailer for ‘The Hipster Games,’ a Spoof of The Hunger Games“I just really miss brunch.”
  10. Ian Edwards on Black Comedy and Hipster ComedyHere’s an interesting interview with comedian Ian Edwards, who’s currently writing for Fox’s In Living Color. In it, he laments the modern […]
  11. hipsters
    See What Hipsters Will Look Like in the FutureYour future looks bright!
  12. The Rise and Fall and Fall and Fall of Hipster BashingLet’s get the eye rolling out of the way. We all know hipsters are the worst because they’ve been defined as such since the turn of the […]
  13. Fox Buys Show About A Conservative And -Gasp!- A HipsterMadTV’s Will Sasso has created Fox’s newest sitcom, which “centers on a patriotic and conservative Army Ranger comes home after serving 10 […]
  14. Your Comedy Is So Much Cooler Than MineIt feels like your comedy is so much cooler than mine. You’ve never done an open mic before. Instead you did Fez. You did Luna Lounge. You […]
  15. hipsters
    How to Make It In America Wants Your Hipster ChildrenReal recognizes real.
  16. clickables
    Hear a Self-Proclaimed ‘Hipster Orchestra’ Cover the StrokesTechnically it’s just a string ensemble.
  17. hipsters
    Indie-Rock Expert Oliver Platt on His Favorite Music of 2010What was Platt’s favorite Panda Bear B-side of the year?
  18. Allison Silverman on Hipster Community OutreachHere’s another excellent piece by former Daily Show/Colbert Report writer Allison Silverman taking on the denizens of Williamsburg in this […]
  19. alexa chung
    Alexa Chung’s PBS Series Will Teach Americans How to Pillage Thrift Shops Like She DoesJust what PBS needed.
  20. annotated guides
    Henry Rollins vs. Hipsters: The Annotated GuideExplicating an improvised text on aging, class, and Henry Rollins’s hang-ups.
  21. Stuff Hipsters Hate Review: Sympathy for the HipsterI moved to the United States five years ago, feeling very confident about my English vocabulary, only to find that my meager repertoire of […]
  22. music
    Watch ‘Being a D-ckhead’s Cool,’ the Unofficial Hipster Theme SongThese London boys look beautiful.
  23. I Guess In England They Call Hipsters ‘Dickheads’On the one hand, ragging on hipsters is kind of lazy and overdone. On the other, this video has a catchy song and is from England, so uses […]
  24. hip stars
    Is MTV Aiming to Seem More Hip and Less Hills?They’re filming in Williamsburg this week.
  25. last night on late night
    Late Night: Stephen Colbert Vs. WilliamsburgPlus Tobey Maguire owes Tracy Morgan $75, on our regular late-night roundup.
  26. hipsters
    Michael McDonald, Too, Down With Grizzly BearMichael “What a Fool Believes” McDonald sings on the band’s new single.
  27. hipsters
    Jay-Z Attends Grizzly Bear ConcertAccording to hundreds of excited people on Twitter, Jay-Z and Beyoncé were in attendance at tonight’s free Grizzly Bear concert at the Williamsburg Waterfront.
  28. ranters and ravers
    ‘Netherland’ Is Everywhere; How Long Before Hipsters Start Playing Cricket?We expect the grassy open spaces of Prospect Park to be filled with twentysomething Americans in dress whites by the end of the summer.
  29. trailer mix
    ‘Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead’ Trailer: Hipsters SuckJordan Galland’s new movie is clearly about hipsters. But it looks kind of good anyway!
  30. apropos of nothing
    Meet Olivia Thirlby, Your Next Big Indie CrushThe Juno co-star sends hearts racing up and down the L line.
  31. chat room
    Director Jeremy Saulnier Kills Hipsters, Feels RemorseWe’ve been to some stupefying artist parties in East Williamsburg, but we’ve never seen one like Jeremy Saulnier’s Murder Party.