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Historical Dramas

  1. medieval times
    Everyone’s Hair Is So Upsetting in The Last Duel TrailerMatt Damon has Morgan Wallen’s mullet, and Ben Affleck has Mugatu’s beard.
  2. Mary Shelley Makes a Polite Period Drama Out of One of History’s Wildest TeensA miscast Elle Fanning leads this disappointingly bloodless would-be romance.
  3. historical dramas
    Marco Polo Drama Coming to NetflixSometime in late 2014.
  4. things to look forward to
    Kurt Sutter to Write Period Drama Pilot for FXAs soon as Sons of Anarchy wraps.
  5. serious actors
    The Childhood of a Leader Casts Robert PattinsonIt will shoot in Europe in May.
  6. epic mafia shows in biblical clothing
    There’s a King David Series in the WorksKeep those sexy historical dramas a-comin’!