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    The True Story of the Aberfan Disaster in The Crown Season 3Queen Elizabeth really did wait eight long days to visit the site of an infamous coal-mining tragedy.
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    Who’s the Woman Who Yells ‘Grow Some Balls!’ at Harold Wilson in The Crown?In three words, an icon was born.
  3. history lesson
    Emily Dickinson Didn’t Really Get High on Opium at a House Party, Right?It’s doubtful, but we asked a Dickinson scholar just to be sure.
  4. history lesson
    Succession Loves Ancient Greek and Roman Myths, But What Does It All Mean?From Romulus to Coriolanus, the show’s mythical references reveal quite a lot about the Roys.
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    A Brief History of the X RatingFor a brief but potent period, moviemakers were able to make legitimate movies that were sexy and dangerous. It was good while it lasted.
  6. ‘Khan,’ the Name That Rules Bollywood and Stalls Airport Security LinesThe world’s most bipolar name.
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    So, Who Is Really the Youngest Pope of All Time?Benedict IX was once called “a demon from hell.”
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    Have You Taken Google’s Virtual, Interactive Abbey Road Studios Tour?It’s educational and fun.
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    How Baby Boom Set the Template for Future Movies About Working MothersDiane Keaton as the original #GirlBoss.
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    The SJP ’80s Dance Movie That Set the TemplateThe montages. The dance-offs. The sleeveless bad-boy partner. It all happened to Sarah Jessica Parker first.
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    Tracing the Very Peculiar Career of David LynchA trip through the life of the director, newspaper cartoonist, doughnuts-and-coffee enthusiast—and, with this month’s The Big Dream, pop musician.
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    Tracing the Career of Tween-Lit Doyenne Judy BlumeAfter 44 years, her first feature-film adaptation, Tiger Eyes, arrives next week.
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    What Was It Like to Be a Writer on a TGIF Family Sitcom?Tales from the family-comedy trenches from veterans of Perfect Strangers, Full House, Step by Step, and other shows that got big ratings but critical sneers.
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    Leona Lewis Would Prefer You Envision ‘We Found Love’ As Her Song“It was the same version and production but mine’s better.”