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  1. screenplays
    The Property Brothers Have Written a Spec Script That’s Basically HitchThey also want to make a cowboy movie and a feature about a “band of brothers who come from a small-town upbringing with wholesome values.”
  2. new on amazon prime
    What’s New on Amazon Prime: February 2015Including Batman, Tootsie, and Batman Returns.
  3. tv
    Fox Is Making a TV Version of HitchWill Smith will produce.
  4. will smith
    Will Smith to Create ‘Crime-Fighting Female College Student’ for Fox… in China.
  5. what’s up next
    Reboots, Rom-Coms, and the Hulk: Meet the Shows in Development for 2011There’s a ‘Hulk’ remake, some ‘Mad Men’ homages, kung fu cops, and many, many gay character.
  6. Oh, Good: Fox is Making Hitch Into a TV ShowWho says broadcast TV is out of good ideas?! “Fox just won a bidding war to make Hitch into an hour-long TV show on their network. Seriously, […]
  7. the industry
    Keanu Reeves to Avenge Death of His Samurai Master, Presumably With His ActingPlus: That 9-year old who wrote the dating book finally gets a movie deal.