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  1. hobbits
    Potentially Crazy Guy Builds Hobbit House From BalloonsSharp objects prohibited.
  2. the hobbit
    All Three Hobbit Films’ Titles and Release Dates Now ConfirmedThe third installation will follow the second by just seven months. 
  3. lord of the rings
    Meet the Hob-Bot, a Badass Hobbit-Robot HybridScrew the fellowship.
  4. hobbits
    Explosion at The Hobbit Studio Injures TwoPeter Jackson, you crazy for this one.
  5. hobbits
    Casting Director Fired for Seeking Only White HobbitsNewspaper ads seeking extras with “light skin tones” were placed.
  6. hobbits
    Peter Jackson Secretly Auditioning HobbitsHe’s in Los Angeles this week meeting with potential Bilbos.
  7. hobbits
    McKellen on The Hobbit: “My Time Is Running Out”Could Gandalf the Grey drop out of the long-awaited film?
  8. hobbits
    Peter Jackson Still Not Directing The Hobbit“Nothing has really changed — I’ve always said that me directing was one option.”
  9. hobbits
    Peter Jackson to Relent and Direct The Hobbits?He has selflessly barred the gates, so Brett Ratner can’t enter Middle Earth.
  10. hobbits
    Brett Ratner Gunning For Hobbit Directing JobNow it gets serious.
  11. For the Last Time, Tobey Maguire Is Not a HobbitHe’s just a small man.
  12. The Hobbit Is Now Accepting Applications From People With Hairy FeetWould you feel at home on the Shire?