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  1. casting
    Holly Hunter Has Decided to Grace Network TV With Her PresenceRhea Jarrell couldn’t scheme this any better.
  2. casting
    Holly Hunter Will Be Succession Season 2’s New Power PlayerMeet Rhea Jarrell, media conglomerate CEO.
  3. Why Holly Hunter Put Her Faith in Incredibles 2And the unique thing it has in common with Batman v. Superman.
  4. Holly Hunter Is Keeping It RealThe Oscar-winning actress on aging in Hollywood, returning to TV, and the latest act of her “durable” career.
  5. Here and Now Trailer: Alan Ball Is Giving HBO Its Own, Heart-Tugging This Is UsTim Robbins and Holly Hunter star as the parents of several adopted children and one biological child.
  6. Why Holly Hunter’s Performance in Broadcast News Resonates 30 Years LaterOne of the greatest rom-coms of all time is especially fascinating to rewatch in 2017, thanks to its powerhouse of a female lead.
  7. mothers
    Holly Hunter on Being Cast As the ‘Forthright, Strong, Blah Blah Blah’ Mother“It’s the sexism of movies,” she told The New Yorker.
  8. Holly Hunter Joins Alan Ball’s HBO ShowLet’s hope she wears her Top of the Lake wig.
  9. sundance 2013
    Sundance: Campion’s Seven-Hour Top of the LakeThe miniseries, which stars Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss, aired in one fell swoop in Park City.
  10. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of Movie Characters Saying ‘Sonofabitch’There’s the Holly Hunter we all remember!
  11. Trade Roundup: Bob’s Burgers, Sacha Baron Cohen, Diablo Cody- Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally will all guest star on Bob’s Burgers this season. Aziz plays “a geeky teenage gamer who mentors […]
  12. the industry
    Ron Livingston Is a SchmuckPlus: ‘In Treatment’ returns! Angie Harmon returns! ‘Top Chef’ returns (in a way)!
  13. vulture lists
    7 Coen Brothers Idiot Movies, RankedWhere does ‘Burn After Reading’ fall on the register of the Coens’ comedies of buffoonery?
  14. quote machine
    Larry David Reaffirms Status As Miserable PersonPlus: Quotes from Leslie Mann and Debbie Harry!
  15. quote machine
    Sting Becoming More of an (Expletive) by the MinuteDane Cook, Holly Hunter, and Victoria Beckham on sweatpants.