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  1. movies
    The Best Movies You Can’t See (Yet)The 2018 Black List is a look inside the minds of Hollywood’s next great screenwriters. We turned five of their scripts into comics.
  2. #metoo
    Elisabeth Moss, Tyra Banks, and More on What’s Changed in Hollywood Post-#MeToo“I would say the way certain male directors have spoken to me is different.”
  3. hollywood
    The True Story Behind My Dinner With Hervé“Now I’ve told you all ze bullshit stories, what about ze truth? Would you like to hear ze real story of my life?”
  4. burglary
    There’s a New Bling Ring in TownThe LAPD arrested three teens suspected of burglarizing the homes of Rihanna, Christina Milian, and other celebrities.
  5. the industry
    NBC Chief Bob Greenblatt Is Stepping Down TodayAfter eight years at the Peacock, sources say Greenblatt is leaving to find new challenges.
  6. tv review
    Who Gets to Define Jane Fonda?The HBO documentary Jane Fonda in Five Acts reduces the Hollywood legend, even as it strives to exalt and empower her.
  7. first person
    17 Years After 9/11, I’m Still a Terrorist in Hollywood’s EyesThis week, we observe the anniversary of 9/11 and start a new fall TV season. As unconnected as those may seem, they are totally intertwined for me.
  8. les moonves
    CBS Investigating Les Moonves Ahead of New Yorker Report“The Board will promptly review the findings and take appropriate action.”
  9. podcasts
    You Must Remember This Is Back With Stories of Hollywood’s ‘Urban Legends’Karina Longworth previews the new season of her hit podcast about Hollywood’s forgotten history.
  10. hollywood
    Charlyne Yi Says Marilyn Manson Harassed ‘Every Woman’ While Visiting House SetHe also called Yi a “China man.”
  11. iO West Is Shutting Down Next WeekiO West, the Los Angeles branch of Chicago’s iO Theater (formerly ImprovOlympic) founded by Del Close and Charna Halpern, is closing its doors […]
  12. Holly Hunter Is Keeping It RealThe Oscar-winning actress on aging in Hollywood, returning to TV, and the latest act of her “durable” career.
  13. sexual harassment and assault
    Liam Neeson Thinks Hollywood’s Reckoning Is a ‘Bit of a Witch Hunt’With regards to Garrison Keillor and Dustin Hoffman, specifically.
  14. legal battles
    Two Weinstein Police Investigations Under Review With L.A. District AttorneyThe Los Angeles district attorney’s office is reviewing two Beverly Hills police investigations into Weinstein and three reports about James Toback.
  15. Catt Sadler Says She Left E! News Over ‘Massive’ Gender Pay GapThe former E! News host says a “similarly situated male co-host” was making almost double her salary.
  16. hollywood
    Hollywood Execs Form a Sexual-Harassment Commission Led by Anita HillThe entertainment industry’s Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace will be led by Anita Hill.
  17. gender gap
    Study Confirms There Are Few Female Studio Executives, But You Already Knew ThatTalent agency scorecards are also bad, while TV studios are closer to gender parity.
  18. Biggest Mistakes in 9 Oscar-Winning MoviesNo movie is completely perfect — even if it’s won an Oscar for Best Picture.
  19. 12 Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct Are Forcing TV Shows to Switch GearsNumerous allegations of sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood have derailed these TV shows.
  20. Oscars Academy Releases ‘Standards of Conduct’ for MembersThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sent a post-Weinstein letter to its members.
  21. The Evolution of the Movie TrailerThere’s a reason we don’t hear “in a world” anymore.
  22. last night on late night
    Tracee Ellis Ross Explains Sexual Harassment to Men With a Children’s BookRoss reads from an original book, The Handsy Man.
  23. harvey weinstein
    Lena Dunham Claims She Warned Clinton Campaign That Weinstein Was a ‘Rapist’Tina Brown also claims she cautioned Clinton officials about Harvey Weinstein’s reputation in 2008.
  24. 17 Stars Who Started As ExtrasYou may be surprised to find out which of Hollywood’s biggest stars were once just another movie extra.
  25. Charles Manson Dead at 83The infamous cult leader and convicted murderer died on Sunday of natural causes.
  26. ed westwick
    3rd Woman Accuses Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick of Sexual AssaultEd Westwick’s representative didn’t comment on the latest allegations.
  27. Steven Soderbergh on Mosaic, Filmmaking, and the Weinstein Scandal“I would argue in a very basic way that it’s a completely different thing from a video game.”
  28. Kevin Spacey Is ‘Taking the Time Necessary to Seek Evaluation and Treatment’Spacey has been accused by multiple actors and a filmmaker of sexual misconduct.
  29. sexual harassment
    Reporter Says 310 Women Contacted Him With James Toback Harassment ClaimsIn addition to the 38 women who initially came forward about the director’s alleged history of sexual harassment.
  30. the weinstein company
    Weinstein Company Will Not Be Financially Saved by Colony Capital After AllAfter diving into the studio’s finances and assets, Colony Capital has reportedly decided not to give TWC a “cash infusion.”
  31. sexual harassment
    Director James Gunn Says He’s Been Warning Women About James Toback for 20 Years“I couldn’t stop him, but I could warn people about him.”
  32. hollywood
    Director James Toback Accused of Sexual Harassment by Over 30 WomenToback has denied these women’s claims, saying it would be “biologically impossible” for him to engage in such behavior.
  33. mayim bialik
    Mayim Bialik Apologizes for Her Controversial Harvey Weinstein Op-EdThe actress’s op-ed included a passage about how she protects herself from harassment through modest dress and behavior.
  34. Charlyne Yi Recalls Offensive Encounter With David Cross, Cross RespondsYi claims that Cross once responded to her silence by saying, “You don’t speak English?? Ching-chong-ching-chong.”
  35. sexual harassment
    Writer Janis Hirsch Recalls Being Harassed Working on Garry Shandling’s ShowJanis Hirsch was asked to quit after an actor put his genitalia on her shoulder when she wasn’t looking.
  36. Kevin Smith to Donate Residuals From Weinstein-Backed Movies to Women in FilmHarvey Weinstein’s companies produced half of Kevin Smith’s filmography.
  37. harvey weinstein
    Hillary Clinton Says She Will Donate Harvey Weinstein’s Political ContributionsThe disgraced producer is a major Democratic donor.
  38. harvey weinstein
    Bob Weinstein Responds to Rumors He Leaked Harvey’s Sexual-Harassment HistoryBob said his brother Harvey Weinstein “has proven himself to be a world class liar.”
  39. splitsville
    Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Announces She Is Leaving HimDesigner Georgina Chapman told People: “My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions.”
  40. harvey weinstein
    Lena Dunham Urges A-list Men Who’ve Worked With Harvey Weinstein to Speak Out“Ignoring bad behavior remains the signature move of men in Hollywood.”
  41. sabotage
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Tricked Sly Stallone Into Doing Stop! Or My Mom Will ShootSchwarzenegger used his epic rivalry with Stallone to sabotage the other actor’s career.
  42. russia
    Studios Reportedly Fear Russian Hack If They Put Vladimir Putin in Their Films“For a studio to release a movie about Putin that makes him look like a fool would be suicide.”
  43. cancer
    Kathy Bates’s Doctor Thought Revealing Her Cancer Diagnosis Might Cost Her Work“Even my gynecologist, whose husband worked in the business, warned that I shouldn’t come out with it because of the stigma in Hollywood.”
  44. Younger Stars on Lying About Their Ages to Get Acting Jobs in HollywoodSutton Foster: “I have never felt the need to lie about it. I feel proud to be 42.”
  45. last night on late night
    Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy’s Hollywood Legends Have Some Crazy Stories“I’ll tell you the same thing I told Richard Burton … make it quick.”
  46. hollywood signs
    Will Hollywood Learn Anything From Get Out’s Success?Over the last two months, the movie has messed with the industry’s head, and with America’s.
  47. hollywood
    Anne Hathaway Speaks Frankly About Being ‘Scared’ of Trusting Female Directors“When I get a script, when I see a first film directed by a woman, I have in the past focused on what was wrong with it.”
  48. exit sandman
    Adam Sandler’s New Netflix Deal Is His Good-bye to Movie StardomHe signed on for four more movies with Netflix.
  49. those elites!
    George Clooney Wants to Remind You That Trump and Bannon Are Hollywood Elitists“Steve Bannon is a failed film writer.”
  50. Misogyny Greeted Zoe Lister-Jones at Sundance“Is the director here?” 
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