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Honestly Nevermind

  1. guides
    A Brief History of the Club Music Drake Attempts on Honestly, NevermindHow did Baltimore club make its way, three decades later, into Drake’s Canadian hands? The clues were all there.
  2. honestly yes
    21 Savage Once Again Steals the Show on Drake’s ‘Jimmy Cooks’So you wanted rap on Honestly, Nevermind? Few can do it better right now than 21 Savage.
  3. 199-none!
    Who Told Drake He Could Enter Azealia Banks’s House?When it comes to house music and rap, she can be the answer.
  4. sister wives
    Drake Makes 23 Women His Wives in ‘Falling Back’Tristan Thompson, icon of fidelity, plays his best man.
  5. music for a department store
    The Internet’s Divided on Drake’s New AlbumThe correct way to argue on the internet is through memes.
  6. my surprise album is dropping
    Drake Announces Surprise Album, Honestly, Nevermind, Dropping TonightHe ran through the six and is onto the seven(th studio album).