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    Edith Piaf’s agonizing story is told in unchained song.Framed against her brutal upbringing, Edith Piaf’s classic overblown performances are all the more triumphant.
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    Alicia Keys’s ‘As I Am’: Just the way we like her.Alicia Keys is smooth. And smart, and controlled — put unromantically, a sort of R&B player piano with songs you want to hear again and again.
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    Prince Declares War on Music PiratesRemember how we told you that Prince was going to sue his own fan Websites for copyright infringement? Well, forget all that, because he just found out about file sharing and, man, is he upset!
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    Insta-classic Super Mario Galaxy beats writers strike woes.In this radically silly Wii reboot, everyone’s favorite Italian plumber goes … to outer space!