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  1. ‘Atlanta,’ ‘Horace and Pete,’ ‘Better Things,’ and ‘Veep’ Win Peabody […]The seven entertainment winners of this year’s Peabody Awards were announced today, and the list is dominated by comedy series. Donald Glover’s […]
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    Horace and Pete Is Finally on HuluJust in time to depress you for the holidays.
  3. new yorker festival 2016
    Louis C.K. Says Horace and Pete Coming to Hulu“It’s like holding your breath forever to save money. So, I like to keep throwing it out.”
  4. emmys 2016
    23 Surprises, Oddities, and Oversights in This Year’s Emmys BallotLemonade and Horace and Pete are in, and Chris Messina is a … lead on The Mindy Project?
  5. In Conversation: Louis C.K.Talking feminism and optimism with the comedian who upended the conventions of TV comedy.
  6. emmy insider
    How Comedy Usurped Drama As the TV Genre of Our TimeAs “serious” TV has become plot-obsessed, it’s comedy that’s now plumbing the depths of human character — and owning the era.
  7. louis ck is ay ok
    Louis C.K. Says Horace and Pete Isn’t Canceled“In a couple of months, this show will be paid for.”
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    Louis C.K. Will Not Be Reading This Post About How He Quit the Internet“I know she’s your competitor, and you’re very funny, but you don’t need any help,” C.K. told Fallon.
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    How Louis C.K. Found His Uncle PeteC.K. returned to WTF.
  10. mo' money mo' problems
    Louis C.K. Is ‘So Not Broke’ After Making H&P“It’s an enormous asset, and it’s mine forever.”
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    Louis C.K. Says Horace and Pete Is Dead“Take your time watching it. Give it time.”
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    Don’t Worry About Louis C.K.’s Money ProblemsThe fact that Horace and Pete is still very much in the red makes it like virtually every other prime-time series ever made.
  13. Louis C.K. Says ‘Horace and Pete’ Put Him ‘Millions of Dollars in Debt’Louis C.K.’s new series Horace and Pete just wrapped up its 10-episode run (check out our review here), and it turns out that C.K.’s latest […]
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    Horace and Pete Put Louis C.K. Millions in DebtHe’s sounds chill about it, though.
  15. With ‘Horace and Pete’, Louis C.K. Succeeded with His Most Ambitious […] There are two important things to know before committing to the 10-episode run of Louis C.K.’s Horace and Pete: It’s not a comedy, and it’s […]
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    Horace and Pete Embraces the SilenceIts style demands that you experience drama in a way that’s anathema to the values of contemporary television.
  17. Louis C.K. on ‘Louie’: ‘I Can’t Feel That Show Anymore’Now that all ten episodes of Louis C.K.’s self-released series Horace and Pete are out, HitFix published a glowing, comprehensive review of the […]
  18. Louis C.K. Enters Horace and Pete for Drama EmmyBut is it eligible?
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    Louis C.K. Explains Horace and Pete Secrecy“This is the first time I’ve told anybody out loud, with my voice, that the show is on the air.”
  20. Louis C.K. Promotes ‘Horace and Pete’ by Explaining Why He Didn’t Promote […]Here’s a clip from Louis C.K.’s visit to last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he talks about his new show Horace and Pete (which he describes […]
  21. Read Louis CK’s 1,300-Word Rant Against Donald Trump Louis CK has been releasing episodes of his new series Horace and Pete every weekend for the past few weeks, and with those episodes have […]
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    Louis C.K. Begs You Not to Vote For Trump/Hitler“He’s an insane bigot. He is dangerous.”
  23. the industry
    FX’s John Landgraf on Louis C.K.’s Web ShowCan’t blame the guy!
  24. the vulture tv podcast
    Vinyl, Horace and Pete, and What Makes a Compelling StoryDo these shows have the narratives to back up their appealing surface qualities?
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    Louis C.K.’s Horace and Pete Is (Mostly) GoodIt’s not quite there, but there’s something inspirational about ordering this Eisenhower-era kitchen-sink stage play for 2016 on your phone.
  26. Louis C.K. Will Release ‘Horace and Pete’ Episode 2 This SaturdayLast weekend, Louis C.K. surprised fans by releasing the debut episode of his new series Horace and Pete, and while he didn’t give much more […]
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    Louis C.K. on His Plans for Horace and PeteUnlike the first episode, which cost $5 to view, the second will be available for $2. Future episodes will be available for $3. 
  28. Check Out Louis C.K.’s Brand New Web Series ‘Horace and Pete’Over the weekend, Louis C.K. sent fans a special surprise when he announced that he was dropping the first episode of a new web series titled […]