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  1. endings
    Let’s Talk About the Twist Ending of M. Night Shyamalan’s OldWhat’s up with that island?
  2. movie review
    M. Night Shyamalan’s Old Is Beautifully Made and Terribly WrittenThe Sixth Sense director still has a way with sinister shots, but is oddly invested in having the audience care about his cardboard characters.
  3. coming soon
    Palme d’Or Winner Titane Brings Car Sex to a Theater Near You on October 1No, not that kind of car sex.
  4. thrillers
    Director James Wan Returns to His ‘Rough Thriller Roots’ With MalignantWatch the trailer for the “throwback kind of film.”
  5. movie review
    Maybe Netflix’s Fear Street Should Have Just Been a TV ShowThe delightfully nasty Fear Street exists in this strange space between movies and television, serving neither format well.
  6. cannes 2021
    Titane Director Julia Ducournau Doesn’t See Herself As a Provocateur“Honestly, I think if I were a man, nobody would say that.”
  7. cannes 2021
    The French Body-Horror Film That Has Cannes in StitchesJulia Ducournau’s Titane kicks off with a woman having sex with her car, and only gets more bonkers from there.
  8. hbo
    HBO Cancels Lovecraft Country After One SeasonAnd creator Misha Green shares a glimpse of what season two would have been.
  9. movie review
    The Forever Purge Finally Gives Up on AmericaThe franchise used to consider the innate awfulness of humans as a controversial notion. Not anymore.
  10. this is no dream!
    Why Today’s Horror Filmmakers Can’t Escape Rosemary’s BabyHulu’s False Positive, starring Ilana Glazer, joins a long list of recent movies that have evoked Roman Polanski’s classic.
  11. cannes 2021
    Julia Ducournau’s Titane Trailer Wants to Knock Us Out Cold AgainThe French writer-director’s second feature, about a woman on some kind of metal-related rampage, will premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.
  12. candyman
    Candyman’s Nia DaCosta Talks ‘Duality of the Black Experience’ on Juneteenth“Horror is a really effective tool when it comes to telling stories about things that impact us on a social level.”
  13. tribeca festival
    Tom Stourton’s Face was Not Allowed to Play Edward SnowdenHis role in ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ is still to this day shrouded in mystery.
  14. video nasties
    Censor Director Prano Bailey-Bond Is Going to Shock YouThe first-time filmmaker behind Sundance hit Censor chats with us about Britain’s censorship of video nasties and why we love horror movies.
  15. spooky!
    Conjuring Writers and Spiral Director to Launch LaLaurie Mansion FranchiseIf it isn’t based on a true story, is it even prestige horror, bro?
  16. trailer mix
    Netflix Promises a Spooky-Girl Summer With Fear Street Trilogy TrailerThe final chapter premieres July 16.
  17. movie review
    The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Should Have Stuck to the Haunted HousesThe Patrick Wilson–Vera Farmiga horror franchise tries to depart from its previous format, with some seriously mixed results.
  18. oh the horror
    Blake Lively to Flub First Rule of Horror In Netflix’s We Used to Live HereNever, ever, ever open the door to a family of perfect strangers.
  19. love story
    Actually, The Conjuring Is a Love StoryThe power of the hugely successful horror franchise comes not in its scares, but in the rock-solid relationship between its two main characters.
  20. rankings
    Saw Twist Endings, RankedI want to play a game …
  21. movie review
    Chris Rock and a Game Cast Can’t Quite Save Spiral: From the Book of SawIt’s more a tired cops-chase-a-serial-killer movie than a tired Saw sequel.
  22. purge 5eva
    What If The Purge, But Forever?The Purge starts comin’ and it don’t stop comin’.
  23. trailer mix
    Julianne Moore Is Spooky on Main(e) in Lisey’s Story Trailer“Was it real or was it my imagination?”
  24. horror
    Selena Gomez to Scare You Off TikTok With Body-Horror Thriller SpiralExecutive-produced by … Drake?
  25. the streaming wars
    Shudder Knows What You’ll Stream This SummerHow the horror streamer built a service even the snobbiest superfans would approve of.
  26. movie review
    In the Earth Is a Slapdash Wilderness Horror Story for the Age of COVIDThe new horror film from Ben Wheatley, made quietly and quickly last year, evokes the pandemic but can’t figure out what to say about it.
  27. oh the horror
    Mike Flanagan Blasts Off With Christopher Pike’s Mars Novel Season of PassageSomeone warn Elon.
  28. vulture recommends
    The Empty Man Is the Next Great Cult Horror FilmDon’t sleep on this sleeper hit.
  29. trailer mix
    Chris Rock Is Spiraling in the New Saw TrailerOut May 14, 2021.
  30. trailer mix
    Ben Wheatley’s In the Earth Trailer: Nature Is Healing, Humans Not So MuchWhat’s scarier than a pandemic? Surviving a night in the forest during a pandemic.
  31. ahs
    Ryan Murphy Gets You Beach-Ready With AHS Season 10 Theme RevealTime to work on your bodies before heading to Provincetown, and no, we’re not talking about hitting the gym.
  32. movie review
    Come True Will Haunt Your Dreams and Ruin Your NightsFun with nightmares and sleep paralysis.
  33. the art of ending things
    How The Descent Ended Up With Two Famously Bleak EndingsWriter-director Neil Marshall breaks down his horror film’s alternate conclusions — and which one he thinks is the worse fate.
  34. snl
    Heidi Gardner Has Never Looked Less Like Freddy Krueger Than on Weekend Update“I’m part of kids’ dreams!”
  35. love bites
    9 Valentine’s Day Horror Movies to Watch If You’re Horrified by Valentine’s DayThe gambit of love can be pretty terrifying.
  36. icons
    Tate Taylor’s Ma Sequel Idea Is A-Ma-zing“I know Octavia would do it,” said the director.
  37. a long talk
    Rose Glass on What’s Real and What’s Imagined in Saint MaudIs this a horror film? The director herself isn’t so sure. But she attempts to explain her unholy film ending anyway.
  38. profile
    Morfydd Clark Is a Star in WaitingThe Saint Maud actress’s breakout moment was supposed to come last year, but she’s been too busy shooting The Lord of the Rings to worry about it.
  39. terrifying news
    Haunting of Bly Manor’s Mike Flanagan Has ‘No Plans’ for Future SeasonsSo, if someone could round up three ghosts and send them to his house, that’d be great.
  40. cult followings
    Let Ari (Grande) and Ari (Aster) Make Something Weird TogetherThe most depraved creative minds of our time simply must collaborate.
  41. oh the horror
    What an Excellent Day for a David Gordon Green Exorcist SequelPazuzu’s schedule is wide open.
  42. best of 2020
    The Best Horror Movies of 2020In a year defined by fear and anxiety, these ten films managed to provide haunts and delights.
  43. now streaming
    8 Holiday Horror Movies to Stream When You Wish 2020 Would Just EndFrom classics like 1974’s Black Christmas to the 2018 zombie musical Anna and the Apocalypse.
  44. movie review
    Kindred Has Haunted Me for WeeksI can’t stop thinking about what the film suggests — just under the surface — about Blackness, maternal life, and inheritance.
  45. movie review
    Freaky Is the Sweetest Body-Swap Slasher Comedy You’ll See This YearThe new film from Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton is clever about horror conventions, but its biggest surprise is its streak of sincerity.
  46. threequels
    Take Shelter Director Jeff Nichols Formally Invites You Back to A Quiet Place 3A Quiet Place 3: Let’s Get Loud.
  47. horror
    Isabelle Fuhrman’s Esther Comes Home (Again) in Upcoming Orphan PrequelWait … a prequel?
  48. horror
    Clive Barker Has Such Sights to Show You in HBO’s Hellraiser TV ShowThe author has finally escaped the Lament Configuration (we assume) and joined David Gordon Green’s upcoming series.
  49. welcome to the blumhouse
    Jason Blum Won’t Let a Pandemic Stop His Low-Budget-Horror MachineHis new Amazon film series, Welcome to the Blumhouse, is plowing ahead for a second season in 2021.
  50. movie review
    Netflix’s His House Is Terrifying on Just About Every LevelSocial thrillers are way better when they can actually scare the bejesus out of you.
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