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House Of Cards Season 3

  1. cashew watch
    House of Cards: The Mighty (Brief!) Return of CashewThank God. 
  2. tv recaps
    House of Cards Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Meet Me HalfwayThis is the best mode for the Underwoods: scrappy and cornered and unwilling to surrender.
  3. overnights
    House of Cards Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: Road to RecoveryIs Doug being treated inside a West Elm catalogue?
  4. tv review
    House of Cards Season 3: The Power-Hungry Duo Turns InwardConquest is the easy part; it’s the occupation that always gets you.
  5. HOC’s Showrunner on Frank Underwood’s Worldview“He would say ideology or morality is a form of cowardice.”
  6. trailer mix
    Claire Is Deviously Uneasy in the New House of Cards TrailerThey love that rowing machine.