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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, You Humorless Sons of Whores We’re taking off a bit early today because it’s the day before Thanksgiving and that seems like a pretty airtight excuse for a half-day. Enjoy […]
  2. housekeeping
    The Answers to the Tiebreaker Questions on Vulture’s Oscar BallotAnd apologies for the delay.
  3. Welcome to Classic Simpsons Week on SplitsiderThe first ten or so seasons of The Simpsons are almost mythical among comedy nerds. Say what you will about the more recent seasons of the […]
  4. Comments Are Broken And We Are Working On ItPSA: comments appear to be busted at the moment. We are working on it! Don’t worry, you’ll be able to yell at me about how wrong I am about […]
  5. This Is Very Much Splitsider’s BetaHi! Welcome to Splitsider’s private beta! (For a better, more articulate, welcome and introduction to Splitsider, check out Adam’s here.) I’m […]
  6. Welcome to SplitsiderHello! Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to Splitsider, a new blog about comedy, comedians and all things funny in the age of the […]