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How Dey Do Dat?

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    The Architects of NBC’s Must-See TV Lineup on How Friends and ER Became LegendsFormer NBC execs Warren Littlefield and Preston Beckman reveal how they built their ‘90s Thursday-night juggernaut.
  2. how dey do dat?
    Breaking Down the Outlander Midseason FinaleIs it April 2015 yet?
  3. how dey do dat?
    Ron D. Moore Breaks Down the Outlander WeddingMove over, 50 Shades of Grey.
  4. how dey do dat?
    Breaking Down Outlander’s Brutal Lashing Scene“We’re very proud of it,” says Moore.
  5. how dey do dat?
    David Rees on How to Make Your Own TV ShowThe host of the wonderfully DIY series Going Deep With David Rees reveals all.
  6. how dey do dat?
    How 17 Orange Is the New Black Props Were MadeThe show’s prop master breaks it all down.
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    Hedwig Creators Break Down How They Changed the Script for BroadwayJohn Cameron Mitchell, Stephen Trask, and Michael Mayer discuss how the cultish musical evolved into a Broadway darling.
  8. how dey do dat?
    Here’s How MTV’s Catfish Actually WorksOften, it’s the fakers who write in asking to be on the show.
  9. how dey do dat?
    4 Ways Game of Thrones Producers Made Joffrey’s Wedding Look OutrageousThe giant lion’s head. A pie with live doves.