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How I Met Your Dad

  1. spin-off watch
    Another HIMYM Spinoff Is in the Works We are in an infinite loop of sitcoms.
  2. ‘How I Met Your Dad’ Might Get a Second Chance in the 2015-2016 SeasonDespite CBS passing on the How I Met Your Mother spinoff starring Greta Gerwig back in May, TVLine reports that while HIMYD is dead, it’ll get […]
  3. upfronts 2014
    Why CBS Passed on How I Met Your DadIf fan reaction didn’t kill it, what did?
  4. the new schedules
    CBS Schedule: Downsizing Monday Yuks and Passing on How I Met Your DadHow I Met 5,000 Procedurals.
  5. CBS Passes on ‘HIMYD’ and Gives ‘Two and a Half Men’ Its Final SeasonCBS announced at their upfront presentation today that their long-running sitcom Two and a Half Men will air its twelfth and final season next […]
  6. upfronts 2014
    CBS Kills How I Met Your DadSorry, Greta Gerwig.
  7. CBS Orders ‘How I Met Your Dad’ Pilot to Series (UPDATE)CBS has given a series order to How I Met Your Dad, THR reports. The show, a spinoff of the network’s long-running sitcom How I Met Your […]
  8. Meg Ryan Will Narrate ‘HIMYD’How I Met Your Dad has found its narrator. The How I Met Your Mother spinoff, which CBS has ordered as a pilot, will be narrated by Meg Ryan, […]
  9. casting couch
    Meg Ryan Will Narrate How I Met Your DadHer role will mirror that of Bob Saget in How I Met Your Mother.
  10. party chat
    Greta Gerwig on the How I Met Your Mother Finale“Oh my God. Of course I saw it. I was weeping.”
  11. high hopes
    Why There’s Still Hope for How I Met Your DadIt’s not a direct spinoff. (And no, Barney’s not the dad.)
  12. Anders Holm, Nick D’Agosto, Andrew Santino, and Drew Tarver Join ‘How I […]The How I Met Your Mother spinoff starring Greta Gerwig is beginning to round out its cast. TV Line reports that Workaholics’ Anders Holm has […]
  13. pilots 2014
    Masters of Sex Co-Star Cast in How I Met Your DadNick D’Agosto will play Greta Gerwig’s main love interest.
  14. casting couch
    Smash’s Krysta Rodriguez Joins How I Met Your DadAs Greta Gerwig’s bestie.
  15. good news
    Greta Gerwig Starring on a CBS Sitcom Is Great NewsSorry, haters. Sitcom does not automatically mean sell-out.
  16. Greta Gerwig to Star in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spin-OffIn some of the weirdest casting news in a while, EW reports that indie film darling Greta Gerwig is set to star in How I Met Your Dad, the […]
  17. legendary
    Frances Ha Star Will Play the Lead in CBS’s How I Met Your DadCBS said, “Ha.”
  18. pilots 2014
    How I Met Your Dad Characters RevealedA fashion blogger, gay husbands, etc.
  19. CBS Is Making That HIMYM Spinoff, ‘How I Met Your Dad’A few weeks after the idea was first revealed, CBS has decided to spinoff their hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother. A pilot has been ordered for […]
  20. spinoffs
    The How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Is Definitely HappeningIt’ll be called How I Met Your Dad.