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How To Make A Movie

  1. how to make a movie
    How Casting Directors Find (and Make) New StarsTwo top directors explain how it can be a personal crusade to get someone they believe in his or her big break.
  2. how to make a movie
    Why Hollywood Is Caught in the Blockbuster TrapA study by Harvard Business School professor Anita Elberse shows that risky big-budget films are studios’ safest bets.
  3. how to make a movie
    See Behind-the-Scenes Shots From Wes Anderson’s The Royal TenenbaumsLife between takes of the 2001 classic, exquisitely captured.
  4. how to make a movie
    How Malick and Cuarón’s D.P. Got These 5 ShotsFeaturing Gravity, The Tree of Life, and Children of Men.