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How To Train Your Dragon

  1. movie review
    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Is Curiously ElegiacFor some, it’ll be a moving conclusion to an epic series. For others, it’ll be one less kids’ franchise to worry about.
  2. coming soon
    How to Train Your Dragon 3 Won’t Soar Into Theaters Until 2019We will have to wait an extra year for more dragons.
  3. schedules
    DreamWorks Animation Now Making Three Films a Year, Announces Twelve of ThemYou’re getting a How to Train Your Dragon sequel and threequel.
  4. weekend box office
    Iron Man 2 Destroys the Competition at Weekend Box OfficeIts $133.6 was the fifth best opening weekend of all time.
  5. weekend box office
    Freddy Krueger Murders Competition at Box OfficeMurders, get it?
  6. double feature
    How to Train Your Dragon Sequel Soaring Into TheatersAlso, flying and winging it.
  7. vocabulary lesson
    How to Train Your Dragon Box-Office Victory Boon for Dragon PunsThey fly, slay, and wing it.
  8. weekend box office
    Dragon Is Back on TopKids pretty much rule Hollywood.
  9. money
    Kick-Ass Wins After AllStill, it did only make an underwhelming $19.83 million.
  10. weekend box office
    Dragon Takes Box Office Yet Again’Kick-Ass’ finishes a close second.
  11. weekend box office
    Date Night Is This Weekend’s Box-Office Champ’Clash of the Titans’ is a close second.
  12. weekend box office
    Clashing Titans Win the WeekendLast week’s box-office champ, ‘How to Train Your Dragon,’ drops to third place.
  13. How to Train Your Dragon Wins Weekend Box Office’Alice’ falls out of first place.
  14. politics
    When Will Hollywood Make a 3-D Flying-Dragon Movie for Conservatives?“Hiccup may not be much of a dragon-slayer but in the sequel maybe he’ll go on to a brilliant career in the State Department.”
  15. 3-d
    Prepare Yourself for the Great 3-D Movie-Theater ShortageWe’re running out of 3-D screens!