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  1. explainers
    So, How Do You Actually Watch Hamilton on Disney+?A guide for anyone looking to get Lintroduced to the service.
  2. theater
    Live-Online-Theater Tips From the Stream Team Behind Buyer & CellarHow to light, how to stage, which phone camera to use.
  3. ban motion smoothing
    How to Turn Motion Smoothing Off on Your TVMake your TV go back and show movies the way they were supposed to be.
  4. art school
    Try Copying Your Favorite Master Artwork and See What You LearnMiming Matisse. Parroting Picasso. Hocking Hockney.
  5. how to
    How to Be an Artist? Start by Drawing the Square in Front of You.Hundreds of Jerry’s followers tried the assignment. Here are nine of their works.
  6. behind the scenes
    How Ralph Breaks the Internet Brought the Internet to Animated LifePhil Johnston and Rich Moore on creating BuzzTube, KnowMore, Slaughter Race, and more.
  7. how to
    Samantha Bee Suggests How You Can Mentally Recuperate After Kavanaugh HearingsFirst, picture the candidates that’ll be swept into office on the collective “massive wave of female rage.”
  8. How to Turn Margot Robbie Into Tonya HardingTales from the set of I, Tonya include beer-soaked wigs, figure skaters in fat suits, and 96 separate costume changes.
  9. how to
    Ross Lynch’s 9-Step Progression From Disney Star to Playing Jeffrey DahmerLast year, he was playing a teen heartthrob; on November 3, he stars in the biopic My Friend Dahmer.
  10. how to
    How Leonardo DiCaprio Should’ve Handled That Bear AttackDon’t let what happened to Hugh Glass happen to you.
  11. how to
    How to Fix the Oscars: Abolish NominationsThe nominations still provide actual suspense — which is why we should announce them on Oscar night.
  12. how to
    How to Make a Perfect Wes Anderson ParodyFrom SNL’s director of photography.
  13. how to
    Let Comedian Steve Agee Show You How to Be Funny on Vine With Five VinesOne of Vine’s funniest users shows you how it’s done.
  14. Learn How to Draw a DuckSave Jill!
  15. how to
    Dexter’s Prop Master Tells How He Made the Show’s Most Gruesome Set PiecesA practical guide to building your own dead Rita, severed-limb Christmas presents, decomposing couple (with 20,000 maggots!), and more.
  16. Jeff Ross on How to Roast“Roast jokes tend to be shorter and more to the point than other kinds of jokes. They‘re more based in fact, and they’re economical. The fewer […]
  17. instructional videos
    Watch the Best Instructional Cooking Video on All of YouTubeAusten wants to show you how to make peanut-butter-chocolate-chip cookies. Take it away, kid!
  18. How to Become a Published Author in 237 Simple StepsI was 150 hours into designing PleaseFireMe.com; no end in sight, no web design experience, and, suddenly I found myself in Atlantic City with […]
  19. how to
    Jackass 3D Director’s Three Rules to Creating a Painful StuntThis is science, you know.
  20. The Terrible Advice Of Comedy How-To BooksSo you want to start doing funny. Do you know where to start? Maybe with some open-mics? Where are they? What time do they start? Will the […]