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Howard The Duck

  1. series orders
    Hulu Is Making a Howard the Duck Series and 3 Other Animated Marvel ShowsThey’ll all cross over in The Offenders.
  2. sequential art
    Chip Zdarsky on Kaptara’s He-Man InspirationAlso, everyone in the Archie universe is extremely horny.
  3. vulture remix
    Watch Howard the Duck Get a (Fake) Big-Budget RebootIt’s our latest “Vulture Remix.”
  4. wtf moments
    Let’s Talk About the Guardians of the Galaxy Post-Credits SceneSpoilers ahead, obviously.
  5. wtf
    Is This Guardians of the Galaxy’s Post-Credits?Featuring the least likely Marvel character possible.
  6. Talking with Jake Fogelnest About the Movies and Shows He’s Alone in LikingEveryone has at least one movie or TV show they enjoy that no one else can stand, whether it’s a guilty pleasure or something the rest of the […]