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Howards End

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    Relax and Stream These 8 British Dramas About Inconsequential Society ProblemsDownton Abbey (of course) and plenty of other good ones.
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    John Benjamin Hickey Has Never Been to Brunch“I don’t get it.”
  3. theater
    How Matthew Lopez Adapted Howards End Into the Queer Play The Inheritance“I consider this the ultimate in fan-fiction, basically,” says the playwright of his two-part, nearly seven-hour gay drama.
  4. overnights
    Howards End Finale Recap: Margaret’s InheritanceA delightfully dramatic end to the E.M. Forster mini-series.
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    Howards End Recap: Only ConnectMatthew Macfadyen is the master of thoroughly awkward marriage proposals.
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    Howards End Recap: Pencil Never CountsWatching Tibby watch Margaret and Mr. Wilcox is one of the great joys of this episode.
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    In Praise of Alex Lawther’s Scene-Stealing Humor on Howards EndTibby is the funniest part of the period drama.
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    Howards End Premiere Recap: Did Anyone Lose an Umbrella?This new Howards End has a lot of promise.
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    Howards End Is an Audacious Twist on a Beloved ClassicThe mini-series adaptation of E.M. Forster’s novel is provocative in subtle, surprising ways.
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    Hayley Atwell on Howards End, Emma Thompson, and Why Network TV Is ‘Frustrating’“If it’s going to be reductive, then my heart sinks. I’d rather earn next to no money by doing a play.”