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  1. huh?
    Maisie Williams’s Boyfriend Wasn’t Into Arya’s Big Game of Thrones MomentWho is this dude?
  2. huh
    Erykah Badu Asks Fans to Give R. Kelly ‘Unconditional Love’ Amid Legal TroublesHer audience booed in response.
  3. huh
    I Wonder Why James Franco’s Stripper Saga Movie Is Maybe Not HappeningReports suggest the movie is stalled because of the #MeToo movement.
  4. huh
    Charlie Sheen, Star of a Movie About 9/11, Might Still Be a 9/11 Truther“I was not just coming up with stuff about 9/11.”
  5. huh?
    Ed Sheeran’s Face Reportedly Sliced With SwordWe’ll never be royals.
  6. huh?
    Fox News Won’t Stop Attacking Red Hot Chili Peppers for Some Inexplicable ReasonMeanwhile, the BBC is doing their damn job and reporting actual news.
  7. huh?
    50 Cent Arrested for Profanity in the CaribbeanFollowing a performance in St. Kitts.
  8. huh?
    Wahlberg Turned Down Star Trek Over ConfusionHe would’ve played Kirk’s dad.
  9. music
    Lou Reed’s Eyes Are Too Old to See His iPhone, So He Invented an AppLou Zoom iPhone magnifier is available $1.99.
  10. books
    Fake Alan Moore Talks Watchmen, Eats PageThe vegetarian magician anarchist emerges to discuss his beloved graphic novel.
  11. music
    R. Kelly Yodels in His Bizarre ‘Echo’ Music VideoKells just posted this to Twitter, and it is truly something to behold.
  12. tv
    See the Best Judge Judy Ending … Ever?Unbelievable.
  13. music
    Kirsten Dunst Is Turning Japanese for McG and Takashi MurakamiShe’s the “Akihabara Majokko Princess,” you know?
  14. huh?
    NBC Picks Up Pilot From Conan O’Brien’s Production CompanyHere we go again.