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  1. My Husband Tim, Who Is My Husband, by Jamie Loftus In case you did not receive my embossed card in the tangible mail, this is a digital copy of a photograph of me and also of my husband Tim, […]
  2. I Did It. I Did. Me. By Matthew David Brozik Everyone, this has gone on long enough. Too long, in fact. Really, this shouldn’t have been going on at all, if you think about it. Or… […]
  3. the humor section
    I Know How To Make Your Movie Better, by Django GoldIt needs to have a cute, little kid who is always outsmarting the grown-ups. There. That’s it. That’s what’s going to make your movie stand […]
  4. House Rules For Our ‘Game of Thrones’ Party, by David HenneTake everything you think you know about fantasy-themed house parties and push it out the window. This is our annual Game of Thrones premiere […]