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Hunger Games

  1. times square
    Finally Times Square’s Getting a Mad Men Restaurant & Divergent Obstacle CourseLionsgate is planning an “Entertainment City” in midtown.
  2. last night on late night
    J.Law on Near-Fatal Butt-Scratching IncidentWhile in Hawaii shooting The Hunger Games.
  3. 2016 dnc
    Elizabeth Banks Says Donald Trump Stole Her ActEffie Trinket and Donald Trump: Two cruel reality-show stars with insane wigs.
  4. great moments in rnc history
    Stephen Colbert Prank Crashes the RNC Stage Stephen Colbert cranked the RNC Ridiculous-o-Meter to an 11.
  5. tv
    Natalie Dormer: Ser Pounce Was ‘Very Difficult to Work With’We’ve heard of backstage catfights, but this is ridiculous.
  6. young adult files
    How to Create a YA Phenomenon, in Nine Easy StepsInterested in writing the next teen franchise? Here’s a step-by-step guide.
  7. awards
    Kids Love K-Stew, Hunger Games, and BieberAlso: Selena Gomez and Katy Perry.
  8. movie posters
    See the First Official Poster for Hunger Games: Catching FireIt’s super white.
  9. chat room
    Lenny Kravitz on Spying on Joe Namath and Crushing on Jane Fonda “She’s still hot — very hot.”
  10. commitments
    Francis Lawrence Will Direct Mockingjay, TooThree in a row.
  11. archery
    Arrow: Why Are Film and TV Obsessed With Archery?What about all the other weapons?
  12. casting couch
    Jeffery Wright Is Your Hunger Games BeeteeThe one with the force field.
  13. girls on fire
    The New Alicia Keys Album Is Not About Hunger GamesBummer.
  14. weddings!
    Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are EngagedCongrats, teens.
  15. box office gold
    Battleship Opens Strong Overseas While Hunger Games Still Dominates at Home Hunger Games’ global earnings officially top $500 million.
  16. hunger games
    Director Still Attached to Hunger Games Sequel, for NowSources say Gary Ross hasn’t left the project. 
  17. real estate
    For Sale: Hunger Games’ District 12Only $1.4 million!
  18. katni$$$
    Hunger Games Opens Huge at Midnight Screenings$25 to $30 million.
  19. right-click
    Kid Cudi and Taylor Swift Have Some Hunger Games Strategies to ShareHear “The Ruler and the Killer,” and “Eyes Open.”
  20. soundtracks
    Arcade Fire’s First Hunger Games Song Is HereHear “Abraham’s Daughter.”
  21. videology
    ‘Safe and Sound’ Video: Taylor Swift Is the Proud New Owner of a Mockingjay PinTaylor Swift IS Katniss.
  22. last night on late night
    Josh Hutcherson Isn’t Quite Ready for All the Hunger Games FanfarePlus: Jon Bernthal was his pizza delivery guy’s wife’s celeb sex wild card, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  23. hunger games
    Check Out Some Hunger Games–Inspired CupcakesMmm … mockingbird …
  24. clickables
    See The Hunger Games Cast in Vanity FairKatniss and Co. conquer their first pictorial.
  25. clickables
    See More New Photos From the Hunger Games MoviePeeta has a pita.
  26. clickables
    Get Your First Look at Gale and Peeta From the Hunger GamesHair: successfully dyed.
  27. clickables
    Here’s a Hunger Games Poster That Lights Up in FlamesLike Katniss, see.
  28. hunger games
    Elizabeth Banks Gets HungryShe’s in talks to star in ‘Hunger Games.’
  29. clickables
    Watch a Badass Fan-Made Hunger Games SceneWarning: major spoilers, minor gore.
  30. hunger games
    The Hunger Games Closer to Finding a DirectorGary Ross, the guy who directed ‘Seabiscuit.’