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Hurley (album)

  1. music
    An Oral History of Weezer Promising Their New Album Will Be BetterSince 2001, nearly every Weezer album has been pitched as a return to form after a series of recent missteps.
  2. music
    Watch Lost’s Hurley Sing Hurley With WeezerHurleys collide.
  3. leak of the week
    Is Hurley Weezer’s Best Since Make Believe?At least there’s no rapping.
  4. hurleygate
    Weezer Promises Hurley Was Inspired by Real HurleyAnd not that clothing brand.
  5. letdowns
    Weezer’s Hurley Not Actually Named After Hurley From LostIt’s named after the clothing company.
  6. lost
    Jorge Garcia Wishes His Hair Looked a Little Better on Weezer’s Album CoverHe only sees the flaws!
  7. weezer
    So, Will the New Weezer Album Be Any Good?The inevitable question arises.
  8. lost
    Weezer’s Jorge Garcia TributeLike, as in a picture of Jorge Garcia on the cover.
  9. music
    Hear a New Weezer Single, ‘Memories’We have to go back to the island!