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Hype Williams

  1. yeezus
    Kanye Is Releasing a Yeezus Film in TheatersDirected by Hype Williams.
  2. the industry
    Music-Video Director Hype Williams Finally Making Another Feature FilmWelcome back, Hype!
  3. m.i.a.
    M.I.A.: Unicorn Hater?And other questions from her new music video.
  4. tube junkie
    Kanye West’s New Video One-Upped in Advance by YouTube HandsKanye West may have hired profligate music-video legend Hype Williams to direct and the stunning R&B singer Cassie to co-star in the megabudget, special-effects-laden, three-months-in-the-making video for his next single, “Stronger.” But he’s already been shown up by a no-budget YouTube sensation.