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  1. close reads
    Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, and the Value of Less Advance HypeStranger Things, unlike most of this year’s summer movies, is still generating conversation online. And it’s doing it without months of excessive hype.
  2. hype
    Sutton Foster on Being in Gilmore Girls RevivalAlso “surreal.”
  3. Reggie Watts on Hype, Keeping Perspective and Why You Need To Stop Saying […] In addition to being an insane genius, Reggie Watts’s MTV interview supports the common perception that he is also an actively decent human […]
  4. hype
    George Clooney’s Ides of March Will Open the Venice Film FestivalRyan Gosling plays a scandalous press agent.
  5. hype
    Sequel for Hugh Jackman’s Robot-Boxing Movie Already In the WorksWill ‘Real Steel’ be the best robot-boxing movie of all time, or just the best robot-boxing movie of all time?
  6. your highness
    Your Highness Will, in Fact, Be a Stoner Comedy “It looks to be something like ‘The Princess Bride’ after a couple of harsh tokes.”
  7. somewhere
    Early Somewhere Reviews: Sofia Coppola’s Still Got It!Celebrity! Subtlety.
  8. hype
    Lady Gaga Says Next Album Will Be ‘the Anthem for Our Generation’“This album is the greatest of my career.”
  9. hype
    Leaked Avatar Concept Art Will Thrill Fans of SwampsWe bet the mosquitoes will look awesome in 3-D!
  10. hype
    Slightly Less Boring Iron Man 2 Photo EmergesJust show us Mickey Rourke already!
  11. tempering expectations
    Will Watchmen Kill the Comic-Book Movie? Its Director Sure Hopes SoWe’re pretty sure that’s not what Warner Bros. wants to hear.